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Pfffffft fed up


Not evil at all
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Hi everyone..

After a rubbish Saturday night SW-wise I'm feeling pretty crap today. I keep thinking that I'm NEVER going to get there, I can't even get past the first stone. I want to lose enough weight so that I fit on the rides at Alton Towers.. meant to be going back in March.. I just feel like March will come and I'll still be the same weight. At class people who joined after me have lost like twice as much as I have. Its so frustrating. I know I can get really good losses when I try but I can't seem to stick to it for one day! I'm really good during the day because I'm at work, then I get home and I feel like I'm on a mission to eat my entire fridge. I don't even eat bad things, I just eat too many of my low syn goodies. I'm going to stop buying them because I obviously can't be trusted.

:sigh: what am I meant to do? My usual tricks aren't working. I don't want to gain at class this week but obviously my Saturday night BBQ/flatwarming will have caught up with me (although at the BBQ I didn't eat half as much as I would've done before SW and at the party the only syns I had were in alcohol) I just feel so low today perhaps I think I've been worse than I actually have been? Wish there was a way to bottle enthusiasm so I could take a sip whenever I needed some :(
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Mrs V

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Come on Hun, chin up.
You really do have to stop and think to yourself, what would you rather more, sitting on the rides at Alton Towers, screaming to go faster, or....eating rubbish and then feeling really guilty over yet another gain?
Stop comparing yourself to other people who have joined, everyones journey is different and some people take longer than others to loose the weight (I know, Im one of them!)
Dont spend today feeling sorry for yourself, instead think about ways in which you can stop it happening again. As you have said, if you cannot be trusted with the low syn snacks, then dont have them around for a little while. Or, have someone else control them for you. If you live with anyone, or have friends or relatives close by, get them to have the snacks with them..or hide them so that you cant be tempted. It may sound ridicuous, but if you dont know where they are, how can you over indulge?

Big hugs for you, but, you can do it, just stop feeling sorry for yourself and take the bull by the horns!!



Still rockin' it
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Hi Mate

You have identified your problem areas- evenings and weekends. You now need to concentrate on specifically what the problem is.

Do you eat a 'good' meal but then go mad in the evening? If so, you are eating through boredom and habit- the only way around this is to have a plan about what you can do to occupy your time- break the old habits of watching tv or playing computer games and think of something you can do that fills your time more productively. What about batch cooking some food or going for a walk or joining a class or re-arranging your wardrobe or planning your weekly meals or getting an exercise DVD?

On the weekends plan better too- if you are going out with friends, work out your weak areas and plan for them. If you know you will eat too much when with friends then eat before you meet them or eat before the party and go later when all the tempting food has gone. Instead of going for an indian and drinks, cook a lovely on-plan indian meal THEN go out for drinks but make low syn choices or alternate alcoholic crinks and diet soft drinks.

If you are thinking "yes, but I can't because...." to all of these suggestions then you are looking for a way of not changing.

I know this is all a pain, but it is what is required to make a success of this. This is not easy- if it was we would all be skinny. It is a hard slog but success cannot be achieved without a lot of consistant hard work- yes, your lifestyle has to change and you may not be happy about that, but the only alternative is doing what you always used to do and not losing weight.

Remind yourself constantly of why you want this. You don't have to do this at all, but if you don't you will remain as you are. You don't seem to happy with that so there is really only one way forward- to make sacrifices and work hard but KNOW that the rewards are AMAZING and so worth it in the end. It takes time and will not happen overnight but you WILL get there if you are ready to actually change your life

You are going to feel sexy and attractive, you are going to be more confident, you are going to go on days out without stressing about your size, you will be able to shop where you want, you will be fitter and healthier and will live longer- you can't get this without hard work but think of how good it will feel when you get there- focus on the positives without dwelling on the negatives

Good luck



Addicted to Minimins!
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Hun, as much as you want to lose the weight you still have to live while doing it and you have to find a way to change your thinking towards food and more importantly towards yourself so that when (not if) you get to goal, you have a different attitude towards food and yourself so that you can STAY at goal. There were so many negatives in your post, i just want to be able to give you a big hug! You HAVE to stop focusing on the negatives and start thinking as if you're already the you you want to be. Using terms like 'never', 'i can't', March will come and i'll still be the same', just reinforce your mindset that its not going to happen for you, that you can't do it. If you tell yourself something enough, your mind will automatically go out of its way to make it happen. Start telling yourself YOU CAN, March is going to come and you're going to be even more gorgeous than you are already, that even though you've had a bit of a slow start at least you've made that start and your losses will be bigger and better from here! YOU CAN do it. YOU CAN lose the weight.
You seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut when you get home from work - you're fine at work, but when you get home the (i hate using this term so sorry) fat girl you 'think' you are automatically reaches for the fridge. Instead of doing that let the thin girl in you reach for some flavoured water and a piece of fruit. Do your nails, give yourself a pedicure, put on your fav cd and dance around your living room..............DON'T be the person you think you are and the person you don't like yourself being. Be the real slimmer you and eventually when you look in the mirror the real slimmer you will be looking back at you. (((HUGE HUGS))))


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Hi evilpenguin, everyone feels like this at some time or other, I know I have.
You need to use the negative energy and turn it into something positive. March is a really long time away. Why don't you try setting yourself mini targets. Even if it's just not going over syns today, once you've achieved that then set your self another one like eating at least 3 superfree foods with each meal tomorrow, drinking at least 2 ltres of water the day after.

All these little baby steps won't feel too daunting but all added together will make a big difference and you'll feel like your acheiving something now.
I also find that sitting down and doing a meal planner really helps. My OH does all the cooking, so he'll write down the weeks teas so I can work out any syns, HE that will be needed then I work the rest of the days food around that. I find that if I have plenty of food with me including things like crisps or chocolate thats already syned I don't eat as much and because I don't have to think about it all the time it takes the pressure off. I know I can just reach in to my bag and have that bag of crisps/chocolate bar whatever without even having to think about it.

You CAN do this, you WILL be able to go on whatever rides you want to in March and you WILL feel like the person you've always wanted to be, it's not easy but we're here for you and if you go off the rails once and a while just draw a line under it and get straight back on it.

Good luck. xxx


Not evil at all
S: 21st12.5lb C: 19st10.5lb G: 16st6lb BMI: 43.3 Loss: 2st2lb(9.79%)
Thanks for your support guys, I'm at work and can't really type the reply I want to otherwise I'll get in trouble for skiving! But after reading your replies I am feeling a bit more positive and less upset about it xxxxxx

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