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Just curious as when reading some posts on here, it appears that they check peoples bp etc at times.. im considering changing, mine never ask questions or do anything like that, they dont even remember my name from week to week. I walk in and say weigh, they say get on scales, then ask for money.
Maybe im being paranoid but should they be doing more?
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To be honest I would like yours! Mine waffles on.....goes on power trips as to whether she ALLOWING me to do a, b, or c. Almost everything she tells me is wrong! I really would prefer she would just shut up, hand over the goods and that;s it!

God I;m getting grumpy in my old age!
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I get on well with my chemist, he is a good bloke, but he is only in it for the money. I filled in the application form, but dont think he read it. Its a case of turn up, get weighed, choose the flavours for the next week, pay and leave. No blood pressure checks, no weeing on a stick, no lecture, no hassle!


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I had to wee on a stick at mine, but they dont check it since i bought my own ketosticks.

wouldn't mind a bp check though.

I might ask when i go back in a couple of weeks.

they do ask how I am - and chat if i mention something, but other than that, weigh, pay, go.

wouldn't like a power hungry pharm, would do my head in!

I dont have any other chemists that offer LT here, so i'm just happy that they are ok enough for me to carry on with it for now, i'll have to start wearing jeans when they start mentioning about stopping, so i weigh that little bit heavier!

they said today i should consider eating in about 6kg time, i would rather wait till about 8kg time.

out come the ankle weights under boot cut jeans! ;)
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We rarely see the actual pharmacist and instead just get dealt with by the ladies that work there. No checking of ketones, bp or anything other than weight and they'll usually ask us in conversation how we're feeling - that's it.

We did corner the pharmacist the other day though and I ended up almost throwing a tantrum in the shop. I asked him when he'd make me come off TFR and he asked how long I've already been on it for and how much I'd lost. After telling him he says that I have to come off it in four weeks. FOUR WEEKS!!! I wasn't happy and it must have shown because I'm now allowed to continue as long as I feel well.

Ha! lol


a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
yaaaaaay rainbow, you tell em girl!

I would like to stay in till target, and another part of me wants to come sooner and maintain the last half stone off, it depends how heavy i am when i pharm tells me to stop, although i do have a few days packets left as there were days when i forgot to have them (only a few, i like to make sure i have them all!)

so if he wants me to come off sooner, you can buy maintenaince shakes from LT direct and have 3 of those a day for weight loss.

it depends how i feel in myself at the time i guess.

you are doing so well, I bet you are looking fab!!!

(get the ankle weight out soon though - lol just in case!!)
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I normally see the pharmacy assistant, she deals with all that kinda thing. She doesn't check my urine or bp or anything like that but she's nice.

When she wasn't there once the pharmacist treated me like i was annoying him & he wouldn't weigh me.... obviously too much hassle to get the scales out that were by his feet :rolleyes:

Went there on Tuesday to find the pharmacy assistant has left. The problem is i'm on a trial where i'm getting paid :D to lose weight, well for the first 50lbs.

I need to have a very simple form filled out by the pharmacist or the assistant, weight, confirm they saw my weight on the scales, their names, number etc..... 2-3 min job.

The pharmacist was a right pain in the a$$ & made a big deal out of it & would only fill in half of it. They are happy enough to take £72 from me for 2 weeks worth of shakes but can't spare me 2 mins to fill in a quick form. They've really pee'd me off.
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At my chemist I have never seen a pharmacist, they are often different people from one month to the next! I do see the same lady there and she takes me into a side room where she weighs me and we chat about how things are going and any concerns I have. She has never tested my wee and only took my BP the first time coz that was why I said I was starting. I should ask her to take it again to compare, although my doc did it in June and it was back down to it's usual low reading - a huge relief to me!

She is the only one that does it so if she isn't there I'm not sure what happens! I know Mille went one day when she wasn't there and had to leave empty handed and wasn't impressed - understandly coz she lives the other side of town and comes this side especially. It's ok for me coz I only live 10 mins walk away.