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Pheonix's daily diary


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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and new to the cambridge diet. I have done lipotrim before, and did well. I was in the middle of it when i split from my partner (who I now see was my main reason for dieting!), and so that took me on an emotional eating rollercoaster! Now I am single, and have left a mentally exhausting relationship, I find myself once again thinking about my weight. But the difference is, i am thinking about it for me, no one else! So, I am off to see if I can get an appointment to start the CD this week.

I am looking forward to cutting the emotional relationship I have with food right down the middle, and also saving some cash! I'm not 100% sure how much the CD costs, but I know I would have spent around that much on wine/crap food a week on top of my normal shop.

My inspiration is that me and the kids are going on holiday this year, they are age 8 and 10 and have never been on holiday, so i'm just so excited! I want to be able to go down the water slide with them instead of sitting in the cafe feeling hot and bothered!!

Anyway, i'm looking forward to 'getting to know' you all and share my ups and downs on here.

Happy New year!! :D
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Welcome Phoenix!
every councilor is different but mine charges £35 per week, as you say I was spending waaaay more than that on crap, so its a bargain!
Good luck with everything!


hoping for a good loss
Hey Pheonix, welcome on Cambridge train. Is great to hear you are doing this initial for you now and no one else. I think this makes a big diffence to anyones weight loss and maintanence.

My CDC charges £1.75 for the shakes, soups and porridge and £1.95 for the bars and ready made shakes. I can buy as much or as little as I want each week, so costs will vary. Hope you find a counsellor you are happy with.

Al the best with your weight loss.

Charlie xx


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Thankyou for the warm welcome, heres a big thumbs up to 2010 :) xx


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Thanks Mrsessex, im really looking forward to dropping the food/emotional/guilt thing for a while. I have my appointment on friday so I need to be careful that I dont eat everything in sight before then!


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Welcome phoenix! Like you i could spend a fortune on wine and take aways each week so now i find im actually saving a bit money each week!!



Welcome Pheonix,

you have the best people on the net here to support you. They're all lovely.

2010 sounds like a good year for you hun.

As ladies have mentioned CDC's charge slightly differently. If they're charging around RRP price should be £35-£45 depends on how many saches you get or if you have bars or premades.

Best of luck with your journey.


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Hey guys..thanks for the welcome. My CDC lady is charging me 35.50 a week which I think was pretty much what I was paying on lipotrim, and with so much more to chose from than liprotrim i'm very happy with that! :) Cant wait to start on Saturday morning (I see her friday).


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Hi Phoenix

Hope u don't mind me dropping by but i'm maybe going to give CD ago middle of Jan to try shift my weight as WW'ers has not been working for me lately or i'm not working at WW'ers properly :eek:

I've been lurking round the CD forum for last few days as picking up tips and tricks and just general do's and don'ts with CD. I am so impressed by peoples weight loss its fantastic. I'm sure you will be appreciating them yourself v soon x


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Hi Tracey, the more the merrier! And I reckon anything is worth a try once, this diet (well the whole TFR thing) suits me well because I have such a terrible relationship with food which I intend to explore a bit more and try and work on my vulnerabilities. Also...well...I just wanna be skinny lol. Welcome aboard :)


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I think I am going to write this entry about how i'm feeling right now. Then next week I can re read (or whever I need to) and hopefully it will give me some oomph when I feel I cant cope.

I've just walked down the town with my two little ones to do some shopping. It was snowing heavily so we all wrapped up warm. My size 22 coat was pulling around my stomach and the tops of my arms. My tights (which I dont normally wear) were cutting me in half. My bra straps are slipping down because I am exploding out of my normally comfortable 42D bra!! I feel soooo fat!!

I had a hat on too, and caught myself in a shop window...oh my....what a heiffer I looked!!

And besides all that I have just had lunch (wont say what it was) and now I feel sooooo bloated and tired. Yep a true horrible carb rush. My stomach looks like i'm pregnant (which Im not lol) and I can feel my double chin hanging there. Ugh I hate this feeling. I live right next to town, its literally minutes away and I am typing here thinking I must nip out and post a letter...and you know what? I cant be bothered. because i feel so yucky and full of horrible carbs I just wanna have a nap. Its not normal is it? I wear long flary hippy skirts with elasticated waists and jumpers, I 'pretend' that I look good in them. Not!!!

Ok...now i'm gonna talk about what I am looking forward to whilst being on CD!!

No bloatedness!! Whoohoo the feeling of not being 'clogged' up with rubbish and carbs. You know that clean feeling of being kind of pure inside, with nothing blocking you up. Also the energy rush at ketosis, staying awake and not feeling tired from evereating the wrong foods. Knowing when I wake in the morning I will be so much more alert instead of wanting to just flop on the sofa ad do nothing. Oh I cant wait! I'm seeing my lady on friday afternoon, so hae decided to just drink black coffee and water for the morning and start the shakes right away that day, I cant wait until sat do friday it is.

Well...yep I need to go lie down i feel that rubbish...out with the food I say!!


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Good Luck Phoenix!!! :D

I just started today eeekkkk!! We can do it!! :D


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Well I have just hit the town shops and popped into M&Co with a view to getting the kids some clothes in the sales...and what sales! They are literaly giving stuff away at £2 -£7 for loads of kids tops and stuff!

So anyway, here I am all excited about finally getting back on the TFR wagon and I spot a lovely skirt....SIZE 14....(I'm actually a 22)....for £4!! So I bought it, and it will hang from my picture rail in my bedroom, along with the £5 knickers and bra set (also pretty) in a size 14! I WILL wear them in the summer!

So, then I nip into boots and find 2 garnier products (both £10 each) on a 2 for £10 offer, anti wrinkle and eyebag serum lol.

I am a single mum and money is always tight, so thats been my pre diet treat to start to 'love' myself enough to pamper.....bring it on!!:D


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Tonight is the night before....and i'm sooo ready for this! I've been carb free all day and am just drinking black coffee and peppermint tea this evening, tomorrow morning just black coffee then my app at 1PM. My CDC wants to see me for 2 hours....god knows what she will do! :)


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Good luck tomorrow Phoenix, she will take your measurements and fill you in on what you need to know. It would be good to take a photo tomorrow and then each week after so you can see the great progress you are making.