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Phoenix's Soul Source Diary

Hi guys!!

Tonight I went out for my last 'real' meal in a while! Tomorrow I'm going to see my consultant, get my first nine days worth of products (she can't see me until the following Tuesday evening) and getting started. I'm absolutely thrilled about all this.

I will be following a strict soul source diet (hopefully!). I really really hope I haven't gained too much in this last birthday-inclusive week, but I suppose I'll see tomorrow.

Let the losses begin!
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Hi, and welcome to these boards! The people on this forum are really friendly and helpful.
Good luck on your first week of SS.
Chat soon. :)
Meeting was great this morning, and I had my first product in the car on the way to Asda (food shopping for everyone else!) - a chocolate tetra, and I loved it. It was really nice, way better than expected.

I feel fine and not hungry, but I have an awful caffeine withdrawal headache and I'm not enjoying the water I have to drink - I don't like tea, coffee or water, but the latter is the most preferable. Now, to make porridge...
Okay, so the apple and cinnamon porridge was not my favourite thing in the whole world, but I'm going to give it another go tomorrow before I decide against it totally. I have drank nearly 2 litres of water, but I have to drink three because of the tetra and porridge.
Hey Phoenix!!!
Congrats on deciding to start CD. First dew days might be rough, but don't forget it'll get so much easier.

Wishing you all the luck hun.
My head is killing, and my mouth is a little dry, but I am a in a great mood! Drank all the water a needed to, consumed my products (mushroom soup was okay, as was the butterscotch shake) and didn't slip at all. I am happy. ^^
So I've refrained from posting so far today in case what I typed ended up saying "whinge. I don't wanna do this anymore!", but I'm actually feeling much much much better. I have liked three out of the four products I've had today, which has vastly improved my mood, and my headache is receding. Tired, yes, but also happy.
I'm feeling rather good today. No headache, and only a little tired. Vegetable soup was not my flavour, and I wasn't keep on the Fruits of the Forest shake, but I loved my Vanilla Shake and (yet again) my chocolate tetra.

I've made an appointment with my CDC for Monday, rather than Tuesday, which makes me happy, but I'm going to have to see her before that so I can swap my porridge sachets for something else.
Hiya, you're doing really well! I'm sure the scales will show it on Monday too.

My favourites are the Strawberry Tetra, the Choc Mint shake and the Banana shake. Have you tried these? Very yummy. :D

Anyway, just keep carrying on as you are now and you'll be fine!
Take care.
Thanks ^^ I am so looking forward to my weigh in!

My CDC doesn't stock the strawberry tetra, but I will be trying the chocolate mint tonight, probably...not sure if I bought a banana one to try...if she had it, probably!
Okie, so, I'm obviously not updating this every day!

Oh well...I feel good. Actually, no, diet wise I feel great, personally, I've had a 24 hour cough/throat thing that's annoyed the hell out of me and had me drinking loads of water! Today I feel much better, popped down to my CDC's house tonight to exchange some of the packs I don't like for those that I do. Bye-bye porridge and vegetable soup, hello leek & potato, chocolate shake and chocolate tetras!

Can't wait for Monday!!!!!!

I've been reading your diary - just wanted to say thanks for posting and well done for sticking to the plan.

Good luck for your weigh-in tomorrow, I'm sure you'll have a great result :D.

Toria xxx
Thanks Toria!

I'm really looking forward to it. It hasn't been an easy week, but I don't think that's got much to do with the diet - I've had a cold, gone back to college and stopped drinking diet coke (okay, that one is indirectly related!) so yeah...not the easiest week, but I've enjoyed it, and stuck to it, and I hope to get the rewards - ie weigh less.

I hope your diet is going well - and good luck for your next weigh in.
good luck phoenix. you seem to be doing fab, and its not easy starting ss.
It's quarter to eleven on day 7 of soul source - I came close to cheating tonight...accidentally! I was making dinner for my OH, and it involved Greek Yoghurt, and I was so close to licking my fingers on instinct! Eeek. Anyway, really, I was going to say it was a success. I have followed the programme and not gone over at all. I am very happy, and hope tomorrow will be a success at weigh-in.
Wow, well done you! I have actually licked my fingers whilst preparing my two-year old's meal - without thinking about it really. Easily done. I'm currently facing everyone on my shift eating takeaways, and I'm really struggling with the smell of salt and vinegar. :cry:
I'm sure since you've stayed 100% that you'll have a brilliant weigh in.
Take care.
Thanks Tessieg - it's just so easy and natural to lick your fingers when making food...makes me wonder what goes on in restaurant kitchens!

Aaaanyway. I love 15.5lbs!!!!! And two inches off my waist.
Day nine is well underway. I feel fab this week, my cold is clearing up and I generally feel great. I've been enjoying lots of iced chocolate shakes these past couple of days, if fact I've just finished one right now. I'm also having fun working out how to make excel spreadsheets to monitor body fat, BMR and calories/protein/carbs/fat (though the last couple won't be in use for a few months!) which is really preparation for my maintenance - something I feel positive I'll reach this time!

I have had a little trouble making sure I get all four shakes in a day, it feels like a bit of squeeze. I forgot to have on this morning, so I still have three to go today! I'm thinking about 3PM, 6PM and 9PM, so they're reasonably spaced.

Now, I have to do some English homework, researching and answering an exam question which I think will take me about three hours total, with the other related stuff I must do. I also want to look over my maths homework, see if I can figure it out before I go ask for help tomorrow, and if I have time I have a chemistry sheet to do. And that doesn't really cover extension work! Eeek!

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