Photo Diary - My Transformation!


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Ok so I'm biting the bullet and starting my journey to lose weight and finally be happy with myself again!

I'm sick of feeling the way I do about myself so it's only me that can do anything about it! I have decided that this year I am going to succeed!!

So here's a little background about me so u know a little.....
I'm a 24 year old female (not married, no kids!) and live with my partner of 8 years. I work full time training to be a manager for a supermarket chain. Whilst working full time my employer is also paying for me to do a University Degree in Business and Management. I've just completed my 1st year at both the business and of the degree. I'm really enjoying it but finding it quite tiring and demanding. The workload is pretty steep as I'm sure a few of u will
Understand! I'm happy with my job but just unhappy with myself.

I'm an outgoing friendly girl but I must admit over the last 5 years or so I've really changed probably for the worst. I've become more shy, less social and lost the majority of my confidence. I tend not to go out partying much anymore, I never feel comfortable anymore.
I don't mean this is to sound nasty but when I go out I just tend to look at all the other pretty skinny girls in their revealing dresses and admit I become a bit jealous! I'm really opening up here!! Lol! I compare myself to them and I just end up getting upset on nights out! All my friends are beautiful and skinny and I'm fed up of being the one that seems to stand in their shadows! Lol! I want to feel confident and sexy again!!

So what do I intend to do to get back to feeling happy?? Well I'm gonna calorie count and do as much exercise as I can. I will post pictures on here of both me and the food I will be eating! I'll be using myfitnesspal to log my food but will also post on here too!

As far as exercise goes, at minute I'm going to struggle due to a recent operation on both of my feet. I had some toes straightened so I have metal pins sticking out! Lol! The pins are being removed in a few weeks so I will have to wait to see what the doctor says for exercise!

I will also be updating my statistics on a regular basis. I will be weighing in on a weekly basis but will also be measuring my body size on a monthly basis to see how I'm doing with inch loss. I understand sometimes that u may not lose weight but u lose inches so I'm not going to get demotivated if I don't see a loss every week.

Anyways my next post will be my up to date statistics and my targets....

I hope you enjoy reading my diary and I hope this helps me to succeed. I'm telling you all that I'm gonna do it and I'm not usually one for failure!!!

I've just got to keep my willpower up!

Good luck to you all!!
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Good luck! And totally know what you mean about how you see yourself in relation to others. Think that happens with a lot of us!


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So my stats are as follows ::::::


Weight - 11st 8lbs / 162lbs / 73.4kg
Height - 5ft 4in / 162cm
BMI - 27.8

Body Measurements::::

Upper Arm - 34cm
Lower Arm - 27cm
Chest - 101.5cm
Under Bust - 88cm
Waist - 80.5cm
Widest part of Stomach - 93.5cm
Hips - 104cm
Bum - 107cm
Upper Thigh - 64.5cm
Above Knee - 41.5cm
Calf - 37cm

Doing this tonight has made me realise just how much extra fat etc I'm carrying! I feel quite disgusted with myself for letting myself go so much but hey ho it's down to me to get myself back to where I want to be!

So where would I love to be:::::::

Size 8-10
Weight - 9 st 1-6 lbs (not sure yet will have to see what I look like!)

I don't want to be super skinny, just slim
With a bit of curve in me!! I just want a toned body and flat stomach and most importantly get rid of my awful bingo wings!!

Haha! Diet starts tomorrow...........


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Day 1 - 2/1/12

B - 2 small slices of warburtons toast
1/2 tin baked beans

L- missed it oops!

T- chicken breast, roasted carrots, potatoes and parsnips, yorkie pud

Drinks - 2 x teas, 1 x coke zero

I've gone slightly over today with my massive tea! Will do better tomoro!


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Dinner sounds yum!


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Bostik it was yummy but I immediately felt guilty about it as i went over my cals!!

Tomorrow is a new day.....I'm worried though about tea tomorrow though cos I need to do a big shop and I have no one around tomorro to take me so I'm not sure what on earth to have for tea tomorro!!

Probs end up being a jacket potato with beans if all else fails! X


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Love a jacket every now and then. Also you went over but won't have been loads. You'll still lose. Tomorrows a new day. Don't feel guilty :)


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Good luck you will easily manage and we are here to kick each other up the bum when we need it ;)


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Well today's been a funny old day!

Slept in till 12pm lazy bum I know!

Then had 4 x small white toast and 1/2 tin baked beans...

Then this evening I've had a jacket potato with 1 tin of baked beans and some cheese! :-0

I've got a massive confession too....I've had some white milkybar buttons..well a full tube of them! I don't know why I did it I think I just thought best to eat them out of the way! It was stupid i know. I'm not gonna lie to myself i was bad!!

I've been doing some serious research on diets today so I think I know which way I need to go....just need to go to the dreaded big shop but I can't go until Thursday and have no good food in at all until then! Oh dear oh dear!!



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Don't feel too guilty, just count the calories, learn from your mistake and start counting again tomorrow. What's done is done.

Don't confuse yourself too much reading up on diets, stick to your calories and you will loose weight, add exercise and you will become healthier and more toned.

I have done every diet going and keep coming back to this as this is the easiest diet to do.

I have similar goals, I'm at 10st my ideal weight is 9st 2 lowest I've ever been is 9st 8 so I'm aiming for 9st

Good luck!

Catherine x


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Oops missed a few days!
Well I've tried to be good since my little mishap and have eaten pretty healthily.

Today I've had...

B- Porridge with semi skimmed milk
Cup of tea

L- 2 eggs scrambled
1/2 tin beans

T- chicken enchiladas with Actifry potatoes

I feel ok about diet today, not really thought much about food but concentrating a few bits around the house and keepin me busy!

My major problem....NOT DRINKING ANY WATER!! I've bought myself a 1.5l bottle of water today which I'm going to use and fill up everyday in an attempt to help me. If I can get through 2 of those a day it would be's just annoying needing toilet every half hour! Lol!

Tomorro I will drink at least 1.5l on top of normal drinks. X


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I struggle with water too so know what you mean!


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Hello :D

You look beautiful, you don't have to be jealous of anyone.

Everytime I go to make a cup of tea, I always pour myself a glass of water and will drink that first, quickly.


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Awwww thanks GottaBSlim that's really sweet of u! You made me smile!

I really am unhappy with myself and I'm not saying that, I honestly am!

My looks are deceiving! From my neck down I'm hiding lots of secrets! Mainly a tubby belly and a big bum!! I need to get slim! I'm so glad I'm on here though, so many nice people to cheer me up on ba days! :)))))

Thanks again xxxxxx


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Ps. Like the tip re the water and the brews!

I've thought of another too! I spend about 45 mins in the kitchen making tea every night so I'm gonna try drink all the way through cooking that way I'm likely to be slightly fuller and less likely to eat as much??? Lol! That's the theory anyway! X


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Well I bet all the slim girls are saying they wished they had your good looks! I don't think any of us are truly happy, but we strive to get there.


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Yip, good idea! Everytime your in the kitchen remember to grab a drink of water.


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Well this week been ok.

Yesterday I had

B- porridge with skimmed milk

L- belvita biscuits

T - spicy sausages with baked beans and mashed potatoes

Weighed myself this morning as Sunday is my weigh in day and showing a loss of 5lbs. Not sure whether it's true though as been totm this week! :-(

Anyways suppose we'll see next week how I do! I have a couple of meals eating out next week for birthdays etc so I'll try to be good!! Lol!

Today Sunday, not much planned! Bit of housework, roast beef dinner and a tad of shopping lol!



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Mine normally goes up that time of the month! Thats brilliant!