photo thread


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couldnt work out how to add text but thats me and my son at Brighton in May this year
thank you DQ...athough that was taken in May during the Brighton Festial (hence the sports cars) niece was dancing with Fi-steps on the beach

I gained a stone after that was taken...

my son loved those cars...particularly the one next to us
My god...just looking through my photobucket...the lady in the red dress is me at christmas wearing a size 8 dress....I am a size 24 now...only 7 months on and 4 stone heavier!

Hi Jenny,

That is a lovely photo of yourself and your son! You look great in it!

The cars do too!!!

You will be back into that lovely red dress soon, just keep thinking positive...

Love Mini xxx
I hope no one minds, but I'd like to move the funny pics to the "really funny photo" thread just so that no one misses out on them.