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Photos - what would you do?


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Hi, I'm in the middle of week 11 now although the rest of my group are on wk12. Our LLC said that next week she's going to take our photos again and to wear something flattering.

I've been thinking about it and I honestly don't think I'm ready for this yet. I know that I've already lost over 4st in 10wks, and that's it's a really good achievement but I still weigh 18st and I just don't feel I want to have my photo taken. I feel like I am in this for the long haul and maybe in a stone or two's time I will feel readier.

I know that she will say I need to celebrate what I've achieved and to understand how I've changed but it just doesn't feel like the right time for me yet.:sigh: I also think the other girls in the group will put a bit of pressure on me to have it done - they are very supportive but seem to see me as the golden girl as I've not lapsed as they have. Pressure to do it will only make me want to do it less.

Should I go ahead and have the photo done? :confused:
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S: 22st1lb C: 13st0lb Loss: 9st1lb(41.1%)
Oh, and clotheswise - I don't have anything particularly flattering and I'm not really feeling ready to go shopping either. Plus I can't afford to go shopping - LL takes all my money!


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First of all, bloody hell, 4 stone in 10 weeks is blody amazing. Well done x x

Yessssss!!!!!!!!!! I would have it done. I have a lady in my group who was always saying the exact same thing as you. She didn't want to have hers done either but she did and do you know what, she was so shocked. She didn't realise how big she was, but more so how good she was looking now and it brought her to tears (in a good way though). She was so pleased that she did it and now doesn't put herself down so much.

I know it might be painful now, but when you do finally get to goal, you will be able to use it as motivation to never go back there again.

It's you decision so do what is right for you. But well done so far hun x x


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Yes, Yes, Yes!! Have the photos done.

It will really bring home how much you have changed in just 10 weeks. I have a target for about 9 and a half stone and had 'only' lost about 4 stone when I had my 'after' pics taken. Just amazing. Spurred me on no end and it will you too.

I am chuffed I have those pics and intend to ask my LLC to take more when I have been in developers for 12 weeks. A sort of progress photo to see how much I am changing. xx
Have the photos done, they will show what you look like after losing 4 stone, they will help chart your progress, and Wow! 4 stone in 10 weeks well done, there must be a big difference already.
If you don't want to dress up, and go the whole hog,dress similarly to when you had your first photo taken. I mean if you had a T shirt and jeans on wear T shirt and jeans in your new size, or if you were wearing a skirt, wear a similar style. Then you'll really be able to see the differences and compare properly how wonderfully you've done so far.
As someone who has done photographs at least once a week for the past 33 weeks, I'd say a big YES to having it done. It will make you realise just how much you have changed, and will give you confidance and spur you onward to lose the rest.

do it do it do it :D


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Go for it, be proud of what you have achieved already, you should be celebrating as that is 4 stones that has gone forever, well done xx


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S: 22st1lb C: 13st0lb Loss: 9st1lb(41.1%)
ok, I guess I'll have them done but I'm not totally happy about it!

I did wander into town yesterday to see if I could something flattering to wear in the sales but didn't really find anything. There was one thing but way outside my budget. It was flattering but I didn't really like it, so I'll just have to wear my least unflattering thing that I've got at home.

H&M had a store here that did the larger sized range but have merged 2 stores now and done away with that range so it's a good thing I'm losing weight or I'd be really stuck for clothes.

I'm really really not feeling the whole 80's thing that Evans have going on - yuk!

Thanks for the replies everyone, if I'm feeling brave I might post piccies.


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Hi Snorks

You should have your photos done. I had mine done last week and the difference was very noticeable. I had michelin tyre arms that were so big they were unable to lay flat against my body and I looked like I was in mid flap getting ready to fly off. My face was massive and blotchy, currently it is looking much smoother and has started to form a shape rather than looking like a new moon.

The photos really has helped boost my determination and when I get them this week I intend to put one up against the fridge just to remind myself of how horrible I actually looked and never to get to that weight again. While I am still not happy with what I see, I know I look alot better than I did 14weeks ago.


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I think you should have them done.

I think when you look in the mirror you don't see it as much but when you have a photo to compare to it really hits home (sometimes)

Do it, and if you don't want to keep it then give it to your leader to keep for you, that way in astone or twos time, comparing against that you will see a difference again.

I think photos help "cement" the weight loss in our heads compared to inches/measurements. Yeah okay I have a difference of 5 inches in my waist but what does it really mean? compared to "look at the difference in my photos" plus other people always pick up on bits you miss e.g great legs, smaller bum, better boobs than at the start etc.

Good luck whatever you decide!


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S: 22st1lb C: 13st0lb Loss: 9st1lb(41.1%)
Thanks everyone, I tried on a load of my clothes today in prep for the photos and opted for the least unflattering, then nervously turned up only for my LLC to have forgotten her camera!! So we're doing it next week now, at least i have another week to lose a few lbs in preparation!


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Hi Snorks
Good luck with the photos (or have you had them taken already)x


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First off, well done on the 4stone + loss. Amazing!
Second, the photos are a fabulous way of looking back to where you were and I found that when I did this program a few years ago that it never really sunk in about how small I had gotten when I did get to where I wanted.
I didn't do as others have and put my pictures where I could see them but having pulled them out of the drawer, I realise that I don't want to go back to the first picture and I barely recognise that person now.
When we got ours at the end of foundation I, like others mentioned, did not realise how big I had actually been. It was a bit of a shock and the realisation of how far I had come was a fantastic boost to sticking with it.
I wore pretty much the same stuff, jeans and a tee shirt and even that shows to marked difference in my shape and more importantly, my stance which wasn't one of someone trying to blend into the background.
I can only wish you the very best and hope you decide to do whatever you feel is the best thing for you.

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I am a bit late in on this, but well done on your loss!!

a SNEEAKY thought.....buy that flattering outfit, have your photo taken, an then return it!! :D :giggle:

I am sure you will look lovley and will be inpsired by your photos! Good luck SNork!


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S: 22st1lb C: 13st0lb Loss: 9st1lb(41.1%)
Thanks everyone! I did have my photo taken in the end, in my least unflattering top but I've not seen the pics yet. I've got my end of foundation weigh-in tomorrow night although it'sa quick pop-in for me, not a full session, I'll see if the pics are ready and if I'm feeling very very brave I might post them...

I did flick through somerecent photos over the weekend and felt very sad at how bloated my face looked so hopefully these pics will help me feel I've made some progress.

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