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Picking myself up, brushing myself down...

Hi everyone,
Just got back from a 3 day training course where I ended up having to come off CD. I was sitting with loads of people I didnt know at meal times and, when I refused breakfast and lunch on the first day and disappeared into the loos to suck on my Tetrabrik(!), they all got really concerned about me being ill and were asking me loads of questions. I had to eat an evening meal just to shut them up cos I couldnt bring myself to tell a load of strangers that I'm doing CD. It was truly awful and, although I tried to stick to meat, salad and green veg, I did have a few bits like dressings and sauces that have clearly buggered me up. No booze, puds or crap though. I gained 5lbs and feel truly pee'd off cos I did choose wisely. I got back on ss today and I've already lost 2lbs but its just brought home to me how hard it is to fit CD in sometimes and its put doubt into my mind as to whether I can ever achieve that dreamed for goal. I feel really sad that I've come down to earth with such a bump after a perfect CD start. I need to believe again cos this weight thing is beginning to get me down big style. Sorry to whinge but I'm really frustrated! Am I just being stupid or does everyone else just get on with it and sod what people think? I just don't feel that brave. :break_diet:
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lunar jim

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Personally I'd just tell 'em. They're all strangers, they're nothing to you really. Easy to say that I guess; Mrs. Lunar keeps telling me that when I won't go swimming... The worst thing for me is when it becomes *the* conversation topic, and everyone starts going about what diets they've done, or talking about what food they can have, all that stuff.
Thats exactly why I didnt tell em Lunar Jim! I just couldnt face having to justify myself, hear the dieting history of someone I'll never see again or have to endure the rants of some 'healthy eating' nut criticising me! I wanted to remain anonymous and just slip out to have my CD meal but it was like I had a big flashing light on my head! Everyone was looking at me like I'd done something terrible cos I ...refused FOOD!! Thought I'd committed a crime at one point!!! I've got back on ss ok but its wiped out 2 weeks hard work and I just wish I'd stuck with it. I'm having a crisis of confidence in my ability to get through the next test when it presents itself.

lunar jim

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S: 18st2lb C: 17st4lb G: 13st12lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st12lb(4.72%)
You don't have to justify yourself to them! You're obviously annoyed/disappointed at putting the weight back on, and you've undone a lot of hard work because of these people you'll never see again. Endure the diet history and sod the healthy eating nut. There'll always be one of these wherever you go. If you feel you have to justify yourself to them just feed them a line. Besides, who are they to criticise? It's one of the things I hate about this society: you are criticised/ridiculed/judged for being overweight, looked on with suspicion when a 'normal' diet doesn't work (he/she *must* be cheating...) and then criticised/judged *again* when you take on a diet which is producing results but doesn't conform to what people see as 'normal'.

FTW Wannabee, you're what's important, especially to a bunch of people you'll never see again.


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Hi Wannabelovely. Try not to be so hard on yourself, this was your first time in that kind of situation. You chose not to blow out on booze and puds etc so it could have been alot worse! Now you can measure up the hassle of telling people why you are not eating 'food' against the bad feelings about going off plan....it seems you are paying a higher price for going off plan? In a perfect world we shouldn't have to explain ourselves but perhaps you could practice a few phrases that cuts the conversation on diets short. ie "Thanks for your concern but why don't we talk about......" and change the subject! Sorry cant be more help but you definitely handled the situation well given the circumstances.


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Hi lovely, Don't even worry about it. If you actually put the food that you ate on a scale it would weigh a good few pounds. Once you digest it and get rid of it you'll be back to what you were in no time. I think we are gonna do this on occasions but the secret is to just carry on and get back on track. It's only gonna slow you down by a day or two so I wouldn't worry; you're doing great! xxx
Hi everyone,
Thanks very much for the support - its given me the strength to get going again and I'm very happy to report that the 5lb gain has now disappeared and I'm back on track! Phew!!!! Cheers! xxx

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