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Picnic ideas? EE

I'm very into the 'flavoured' cous cous at the moment - you can make that up and take it with you. Maybe some cooked meats and/or fish too - chicken breasts, ham, prawns. Hard boiled eggs are always good for a picnic too, and maybe some mixed salads - rice salad, pasta salad, etc. If you have a cool bag, or some way of keeping things cold, then you can plenty of choice - enjoy!


Is so doing it this time
Littledolly has some fab suggestions. Also in the May/June SW mag there was a delish "potato and spring vegetable tortilla" recipe which is great cold. Let me know if you want the recipe.

Also try having a look through the SW Recipe Thread loads of great ideas on there.

Have a lovely picnic and hope it stays dry! xx

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