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AGIAN!!lol. more progress pics comming up. i usually post them in diary forum for a picture diary for me to refer back to for motavation, but i feel like a success today after all my hard work, So i'm posting my pics here!!! i finally feel a little comfortable in my body!:D
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Ancient Egypt Nut!
Looking good girl!! :D Hope that's me soon:):):)

Lacey ..xx :)


Is it nearly October yet?
Congrats on your success,,,,:) btw you have a really sexy butt.!!!!


Is it nearly October yet?
LOLOLO, thanks Pinkdiamond. my booty has not ruduce in size but it has gotton firmer from all those squats and lunges. they sure do burn:eek:

Oh hell yeah,,, I had a session with my trainer tonight and I was doing bulgarian split lunges eek total killer lol.xx


Is it nearly October yet?
what are those? i want to increase my intensity of workouts and have taken to doing the squats and lunges with some dumbells. i also started doing deadlifts recently and i all i can say is...:eek::cry::eek:

Oh yeah they are killer,,, bulgarian squats are when you rest your one foot,,(toes only) on the edge of the bench thingy,, then get in a lunge position and squat down on one leg with your hand on your hips. Hope that makes sense lol. I had to do 15 with each leg.:cry:But its worth the agony:girlpower:xxx


Is it nearly October yet?
Hey just noticed you are from Texas,, I used to live in Houston when I was little. Hoping to emigrate to the good ole USofA asap. Im a nurse so on the B scedule for a green card. Just hope to pass the frigging tests they make you do.llo fingers crossed.xx


Is it nearly October yet?
I think that the British economy stinks worse tho lol. Plus the added bonus of better weather would certainly help.:D (Hoping to move to Calafornia). xx


Is it nearly October yet?
i've heard that inflation hit you guys overseas too!:cry:

yeah if you want better weather, Texas is just too hot in my opinion. i will prbly be moving soon as well for school. New York City baby!!! whoo hooo.:cool:

Omg you're soooooo lucky,, I love NYC,,, im such a SATC girl. Ive been one before and loved it so much. Which school are you going to,,and what you gonna major in?xx

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