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Pictures, but no difference !!



Hi Claire

Its so strange how we cant see those changes ourselves when to others it is so obvious! From looking at your photo i can clearly see which is "before" and which is "after" even if you hadn't said! The area around your jaw line and cheeks is much thinner. Look again!!!



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Hi Claire I think personally that you have nothing to worry about you are really pretty. But I can defiantly notice the difference on the piccys and I am not just saying that to cheer you up I am saying it because its true. :D
look at your jaw line
definetly a difference
and you look younger

its true though i still struggle some days to see any sort of change in myself

well done :D
Thanks for your kind words, I am nearly 40 now so I guess I should stop being so critical, it is true though that I cant see a difference, strange how other people can. Thanks again xxx

Your face is definitely thinner Hun, you have a jaw line that is so clear and cheek bones to die for!!!

It may take a while for you to see it, but don't get disheartened....even when you have reached goal, you will catch a glance of your reflection and think "I can't believe that's me!!"

Keep up the work...it is obviously paying off!!



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Nearly 40..... are you sure... lol..... no way... no older than 29....
And your face is thinner and it is so pretty, you lucky girl....


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there is definately a difference, it is hard though, when I lost my weight at the beginning of the year, I couldn't see a difference, even though I went from a 22-24 to a 16!!

You look fab and no-where near 40!
Thank you all so much, you have made my day x
Definately a difference, you face has much more definition to it and by the way is beautiful. I know how you feel though i sometimes think it takes longer for our minds to catch up with what we have achieved. Be proud you look great and nearly 40 - don't believe a word of it!!



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Noway are you nearly 40!! Sure you're not telling porkies? Totally thought you were in your late 20's all this time! Well I hope I look as young as you do when I'm nearly 40 :)
Honest, I am nearly 40, always had problems with looking young though, only last week they wouldnt serve me a bottle of vodka in tesco's !, funny thing was the girl who said I didnt look old enough was actually young enough to be my daughter !


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lmao thats mental! It's good to look young!
plus remember you're smiling on these pics which always puffs your cheeks out a little, do what posh does and suck your cheeks in hun, then you'll really see a difference!!!

BTW have to agree with Nessie, you are no way nearly 40!!!!

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