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pictures tonight


Loves Norman Reedus
me and hubby are going to see Harry Potter tonight also. we are not taking my boys as i think the youngest is too young (3) and he would be gutted if he didnt go to see it. have got a couple of sweets though, might not take them though purposely.
me and my partner are going to the cinema next monday so I am going to take 2 alpen light choclate and fudge cereal bars, and use as my healthy extra B. That way its like I am having sweets, but being good lol!! or you could take a ready made snack of your choice, which is low in syns! I might take a pink n white!


Loves Norman Reedus
i was wondering, why do we feel the need to eat in a cinema. i mean i rarely eat at home when i am watching a film, so why in the cinema?


Slow but sure....
I don't have this problem - last time I went to the cinema was to see 'The Hunt For Red October' in the 80's sometime, or back in the days when Alec Baldwin was still trim!!!!

My hubby is a fidget and get's fed up sitting in the cinema (so he say's)....but he never moves in his armchair when he is watching a film, Men!!!!.....


Loves Norman Reedus
we dont have that problem, we all love the cinema. i usually go to saturday morning pictures too. it costs £1 per person and our cinema is near Asda so we get our sweeties and drinks in there and sneak them in, ssshhh, not tell anyone. :D
I dont know guess its just association! plus when all you can smell is popcorn it gets a bit tempting, like in a supermarket and the smell of freshly baked bread!! It will be weird for me when I go on Monday because I usually have a large mag of white malteesers and a large nachos with two cheese dips!! god if I had that now it would probably be my syns used up for the next month lol!! I think te rice pudding idea is a good one!!
I'm going today and I plan on sneaking everything I can in! Anything that's free! I really should get out of the habit of eating at the cinema, I'm not even particularly hungry sometimes but the temptation of treats is just too much sometimes.


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i took my kids once armed with sweets and took myself some grapes but when i got there my sister was there and sat with me and i was to embarrassed to get my grapes out so just drank my pepsi max
We went to see HP on wednesday. Kids had sweets and gave me 2. I took a box of cherries, grapes and blueberries for me and OH. I ate about half and he didn't bother. It felt good then that we could have chinese takeaway without using too many sins that day.

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