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Pig Dogs and Princesses unite....


My name is Kim, my friends (Fi and Lou) and I are always discussing weight loss and we all have very different goals. We thought it would be a nice to have a central place where we can chat and help each other reach our long term goals.

Personally I do not follow a set diet but seem to have settled on a calorie controlled diet.

To get us started I thought I would post my food diary from yesterday

B 30 g Bran flakes 100 cal
300ml milk (allowance for day) 100 cal
Pint water

S 1.5L water
2 cups tea (using milk allowance)

L 600ml tub carrot soup (sainsburys) 120 cal
packaged salad (sainsburys) 120 cal

S 2 cans diet coke
2.5L water

D Pork Loin 105g 200 cal
Jacket pot 200g 150cal
Loads of veg (brocolli, cauliflower and french beans)
Homemade ratatouee (tomato puree, onion, courgette, pepper, mushroom, carrot, chilli)

I don't tend to count cals on veg and salad as I have a quite low cal intake apart from this.

Pigdogs - get posting!
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x Alex x

Silver Member
S: 13st3lb C: 13st0.2lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st2.8lb(1.51%)
Ok then, my food for the day so far

2 cereal bars (166cals)

mid morning banana, apple and nectarine,

12noon - 3 rice cakes and a choc mousse (144cals)

lunch - probably a weight watchers soup and small slice of bread (150cals)

mid afternoon - a curly wurly (115 cals)

tea - probably something boring like a 200cal bowl of cereal (i'm so not in a cooking mood at the moment)!!!
Hi Alex

Do you tend to find that by eating chocolate and mousse it stalls your weight loss? Personally I have a non processed diet all week then let my hair down one day at weekends. Do you excercise at all?

x Alex x

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S: 13st3lb C: 13st0.2lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st2.8lb(1.51%)
to be honest I would go insane if I didn't have chocolate. I ride my horses every night after work for 1-2 hours, and gym once or twice a week

OK so a typical day for me:

Fruit and Fibre Cereal (40g) 145 cal
Skimmed milk (100g) 34 cal

Nectarine 66cal
Cup of tea with dash of skimmed milk 20cal

Pitta Bread 147cal
1/2 tin tuna 54cal
Salad Cream (15g) 49cal
Salad Leaves 15cal
Walkers Quavers 87cal (if i am having a good day i will leave these out!)

Cup of tea with dash of skimmed milk 20cal
Digestive Biscuit 70cal

Tonights dinner:prawn Thai Red Curry
King Prawns 70cal
Red Thai Curry Paste 20cal
1/2 tin Blue Dragon Light Coconut Milk 204cal
White Rice (100g) 130cal

I also drink over 2 litres of water throughout the day

Total Calorie Intake: 1123

I try to excersise at the gym or running on the road 4 times per week which normally burns 400 cal each time.

I am trying to stick to a diet of less than 1200 cal per day - this is easier when i excersise as obviously can eat more food!!
ok, mine so far is,

Fruit and Fibre for breakfast with chopped banana in, ( I never weighed this today!)
Cereal Bar

Salad for lunch with toms, cucumber, sweetcorn, peppers, jalepenos, chicken with no dressing
Fruit corner yoghurt

1 x Can diet coke

For dinner I will have Chili with quorn mince and ( 80g) of cooked rice!
Hey Roaming Fi FI and Lou! Loving the name fi!

Fi, I am really sorry to shatter your illusions but think you may have the wrong cals for your rice (I know that when I had 100g of dry weight rice it was about 350 cals) if you are only eating 100g cooked weight you are a saint, is that for dry weight or cooked weight?

I always tend to measure cals from the dry weight rather than cooked as you have more control!

Girls can't believe you both eat the f and f for brekkie is my idea of hell!
Thanks kimber... deffinitely something to look out for - think I might reduce my rice to 75g. I LOVE F&F with extra raisins :) it has been my friend since quiting the toast - not an easy challenge though as i used to love my marmite!! :(
well girlies
Just back from the gym that racks me up 2 sessions this week already! yay! normally I miss a monday but must have been feeling super motivated. I am going to set up some more princess and pig dog message so we can post on other things... I think we should use this one to post our daily foods! I will post the previous days every morning......
I am so rubbish in the morning I wouldnt have the patience to make toast, i dont have a toaster so have to use the pest grill! However I do think that if you dont have butter and just marmite or a scrape of jam / lemon curd you may be ok? Also as I love my savoury I sometimes use low fat cream cheese which is lush with the marmite!cI can hardly pour the milk in my bowl though I am usually still so mongoed!

b: bran flakes and milk allowance (200 cal)
s: 2 cups tea, 1.5L water
L: 2 slice bread (small hovis wholemeal) 1 slice ham and 30g low fat soft cheese, salad (175 cal)
s: 2.5L water, 1 tea, 2 diet coke
d: pork loin (200 cal)
jacket pot (150 cal)
mustard (20 cal)
veggies - leeks, peas, carrot, french beans
homemade rataouille (carrot, onion, courgette, pepper, mushroom and tom puree)

30 mins in gym 410 cals

I will also post my days the next day, so to finish off...

For dinner I thought I was having quorn but when i got in Chris has already made it! so it was beef but made with tinned tomatoes and he had written down the quantities that had gone in!

In the afternoon I had some rice cakes - 109 cals
I had 2 dessert spoons of cooked rice and 2 spoons of chilli

45 mins fast pace walk

Have started weighing today! and also weighed myself this morning

My goal is to lose a stone by the Renshaw/Wan Wedding

That is a fab goal hon! Although quite steep as 5 weeks away - I would say a loss of 10 lbs would be better for you. Do you have a certain dress in mind? Good that you have a starting point for weigh ins, will be good as I am fri and you weds!

My goal is that I hope to lose 5 lbs before the wedding of the year!

I already have my dress, the one I wore for Ant and Fi's I think I can get one more wedding out of it.
Yeah maybe it is steep but im going to try and go for it, 3lb a week! Yeah I might change my weigh in day but just really needed to get on the scales to see what I was! happy tho, I am the same as I was before Holiday! so I seem to have maintained that weight don't know if that is good or bad. Good I suppose as I haven't been dieting.

That dress is so pretty! Yay a goal is set! Pleased you managed to get on the scales this morning, I know how daunting it can be!

The only thing I would say about 3lb is whilst it comes off easier at the start it can be really hard to maintain as you get further on - I have my eye on you Miss H.

Todays food

B, L and S's as yesterday 375 cal
D: Vegetable risotto - 75g risotto rice, 262 cal all types of veg and herbs under the sun, chicken stock cube 35 cal
veg - courgette, peas, and leeks
100g chicken breast grilled no oil 150 cals

Total for day 820 cal

30 mins gym 409 cal

I am so full as have just finished tea! yum!

Fruit & Fibre – (30g) – 138cals
Skimmed Milk –
Cereal Bar – 88 cals
2 x Banana – 170 cals

Salad – 0
Low fat coleslaw – ( 50g) – 50 cals
Cous Cous (30g) – 100g
Yoghurt – 58 cals

Fresh Pasta (90g) – 131 cals
Veg – 0
Tinned Tomatoes – 17 cals
Cheese – (1oz) – 110 cals

Exercise - 45 Mins Run – Just under 3 miles

I was really hungry before I went running but when I got home I wasn't to bad

Yesterday I had

2.5 Pints of Water and 3 x 75cl bottles

Today so far i have had 1 x 75cl of water
Fab on the water front Lou! I find that if I get bored it helps to switch to fizzy water for a L a day!

I am pleased you are not feeling hungry but would say carrot sticks, peppers and celery are always the best snack when hungry as really fill me up!

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