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Pigging out after weigh in

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by slimsarah, 22 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    So, after my weigh in on Thursday morning I cheat. I had crisps, chocolate, biscuits and a latte today, probably about 30 syns if I counted. Bearing in mind this last week I've had only about 6 a day so it does probably balance out over the week

    I've now got a full 7 days to stay on plan. Anyone else do this after weigh in? Does it affect your losses? X

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  3. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member

    I do this too, but like you it's nothing major, and certainly not as bad as what I normally would have eaten. I weigh in on a Thursday night, so tend to have something I fancy for tea afterwards. Once it was peanut butter in toast or could be a Chinese depends how I feel. I'm also pretty good at keeping low syn days and usually have one no syn day too.
  4. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I used to, and I think if you keep it to just one night it shouldn't do too much damage, a little of what you fancy, but I found after a while it spiraled into a whole weekend off (I WI Friday morning so it was Friday night treat), if you have enough willpower to get back on the right track straight away then it can help, but it can also hinder weight loss (depending how much you have obviously!) in the long run - I think we forget that we should treat ourselves with other things, if we always think of food as a reward I don't think it helps with the emotional side of overeating.
  5. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    I used to do this, and in all honesty after a while it did start to affect my losses.

    I still have a "treat" after weigh in, but it is totally Synned and accounted for. I keep a track of how many leftover Syns I have through the week and then work out what I can "afford" to have with them on weigh day. That way I'm still having a treat but I'm also still within my Syns and not sabotaging myself for the week ahead.
  6. BethanyChey

    BethanyChey Full Member

    I used to big time.. Especially as I weigh in the evening. I never used to eat much during the day atall, then have a binge after group on anything I wanted. In my head it didn't count as I would start a fresh the next day. But I don't think it was doing me any good at all, so I try and spread my treats out over the week and have a few extra syns a day instead (up to 15!). I do think it was affecting my losses, but not to the point of putting on every week. I just think I could have lost more if I hadn't eaten a few days worth of syns in one night. Whatever works for you though, if the scales keep going down then why not!
    Beth :)
  7. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Thanks guys I'm back on track now. I tell myself on Thursday that I leave class at 10.15 and I have until midday to have what ever it is I fancy. So now that's over I'm on plan until next Thursday at 10.15

    Silly thing is I don't feel great after it. I didn't even go too wild. Wild for me would be a dominoes with all the extras. Fingers crossed I can keep this up

    Thanks for the replies. Appreciated xx

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  8. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    I've never done this and I'm actually so glad I didn't as if I were to do it now, I would probably make myself sick! The other reason I'm glad I don't is that there are still some weeks where I am 100%, no treats, within syns etc and I still don't lose any weight. Go figure?!

    I think what Stevie suggested is responsible, achievable and stops you from going way overboard or falling off the wagon. I've had a really weird notion for weeks that I fancy a cheese and salt and vinegar McCoys sandwich... I WI tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening I'll be having one of those with both healthy extra's and within my syns. I'm really looking forward to it too!!! xxx
  9. Squares76

    Squares76 Full Member

    I weigh in Thursday at 5.30 so dinner that night is always take away - but I always syn it and keep it within syn, so Chinese with 15 syns, indian same. That way it feels like a treat because it's quite rich 'rubbish' food but doesn't push me over the edge. Then Friday I'm back to normal using syns scattered through the day

    Works for me.
  10. Veritymoo

    Veritymoo New Member

    Out of interest what do you order? I only joined yesterday (been a member before) and can totally see myself treating myself after a WI. I like the idea of making it a take away night within 15 syns?
  11. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    I do have treat night but it is synned

    Will only be one thing and I won't have dinner in addition for example if I fancy a Belgium bun or donut ..or a pre made sandwich

    When I wasn't counting treat night it deffo was slowing me!

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  12. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    Like others have said, I do "treat" myself after weigh-in, but I account for it in the week's syns. That way it feels like I'm indulging myself but I am still sticking to the plan. I don't really have a sweet tooth but I love really cheesy pasta dishes, so I might use my Hex A and syn an extra portion of cheese as well, and have a large glass of wine with it. Still within syns, but feels rebellious!
  13. Squares76

    Squares76 Full Member

    Beef chow mein - 8 syns
    Chicken in oyster - 4.5 syns
    Boiled rice - free
    Then 10 prawn crackers - 3 syns

    I get the chow mein dry fried so it's actually less syns than that but still count all. And I've weighed the portions!
  14. MrsTinaV

    MrsTinaV Loving Married Life

    I have a treat every week after WI with my Mum. We have warburtons sandwich thins, cheese and other bits. It's just something we enjoy and gives us a little boost. I know it can be seen as making food a reward, it's personal for all but it doesn't affect our losses and we're straight back on plan the next morning religiously.
  15. Veritymoo

    Veritymoo New Member

    Thank you!
  16. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Full Member

    I don't normally have a treat after WI because I can't understand why I'd want to reward my weight loss with food!

    But this week I did have a treat day on Monday... that turned into a treat week. I'm so disappointed with myself.

    I don't think I'll be doing it again!
  17. Littlepink

    Littlepink Full Member

    No, but honestly i don't feel i need it, i eat pretty much what i want on sw so i don't feel the need for treat nights, things like curry & chinese i prefer homecooked xx
  18. MagicBeans23

    MagicBeans23 Full Member

    I don't think there's anything wrong with a 'night off'......if you deprive yourself then you'll start to crave more or resent.

    I don't always gorge after WI, but I often have a treat night (every 2-3 weeks). It helps me to keep on track in between. If I only fancy a little treat, then I syn it. If I fancy a huge dominoes with all the extras then that's what I have! I just make sure I'm extra good the next few days & I don't cry about it if my loss isn't as big as I'd hoped at my next weigh in.
  19. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    I think with the new Fakeaways book that SW have got out, there is no need for a cheat night - as you can make a fakeaway on weigh day/night.

  20. MagicBeans23

    MagicBeans23 Full Member

    I've been meaning to find out more about the fakeaways. Are they predominantly EE or can you use on red/green?
  21. Steph92

    Steph92 Member

    Only on my second week, had a good week last week and after a 3lb loss I easily went back home and had my boring mugshot haha. My class runs from 7.30 til around 9 though so after not eating since lunch, afterwards I'm absolutely starving! So tonight we ended up going over the chinese - I did feel terrible but after a 2lb loss I felt like I deserved it (So bad I know but I don't smoke, drink or shop so food has always been my reward or treat!). However, once I'd eaten it I actually felt pretty stuffed and bloated, so really uncomfortable, not really sure if it was worth it! So don't think I'll be doing it every week, but I do agree with others, it's best to have one treat evening (the sooner after WI the better!) and then really commit to the rest of the week xx

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