Pilates for beginners


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Can anyone recommend a pilates dvd for a complete beginner. I'm looking for a mat workout rather than anything which requires any type of equipment.

I've just started a vlcd and plan to start using kettlebells every other day. So what I'd like to do is do a pilates workout in the intervening days.

I also want to use pilates as I know this type of exercise improves core strength and flexibility - both of which I am severely lacking.

I've tried 'googling' but there's so many different ones - I'm a bit bamboozled by the choices.
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Ive done a few classes (over a years worth) and followed a few dvds. Pilates is much better in a small class with a tutor - ideally some one to one work as you gain real insight into the technqiues (often less is more). My misses and I both benefitted from this and it helped me get back after knee damage (and her after back ops).

Hwoever, we have 2 really good dvds by Lynne Robinson. Her technique is very good and its easy to follow. MAri Windsor also comes recommended. Stick with proper teachers and avoid celebs... I also have a podcast by Ridgeline which Ive used and was excellent.

Id avoid any that have 'weight loss' attached. Its complementary to a weight loss programme or aerobics/zumba/weights it wont get the results and you wont get the benefits of flexibility and movement.

I also do kettlebells alternate days - its a really great way of getting fitter along with pilates.

My misses has some yoga balls to do self myofascial relief/massage (these are 3 inch across not the huge blow up ones) and swears by them, or use a tennis ball. Learned the techniques in pilates class.


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Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but I do yogalates which is a combination of yoga and pilates. It's by an Aussie called Louise Solomon and I've found it unbelievable for toning. Doing it three times a week, you will see definite results in around 6-8 weeks.

The pilates bits support your core strength and enable you to do the yoga poses without injury and there's a beginner in the bottom left hand corner who you can follow if you're not ready for the full poses.

As well as the toning, I always get a huge sense of well being and the yoga breathing that she teaches is incredibly relaxing.

For a few quid on amazon i'd definitely recommend it.

Good luck with whatever you choose :)


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Thank you both so very much for your recommendations. I will certainly do a lot more research on the subject in general and will look a bit more closely at this yogalates.

I may consider taking some proper classes, so I can get the technique right, if I can find a tutor locally and ones that's not too expensive.

I plan to start using the kettlebells from tomorrow and will work some pilates workouts in, once I sort out what I'm doing.

Again - thanks :)


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maybe start some classes, then once youve got it right then buy a dvd to do at home :)