Pilates v Yoga

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Slow & steady does it!!!!
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Does anyone know if one is better than the other or are they pretty similar?

I wanted to give them a try & I guess I could do a class of each at my local gym but I just wondered if anyone did either & if they had any advice for a total beginner.

I was just gonna buy a DVD off ebay but then I thought classes would be better coz then at least I'd know I was doing the exercises properly.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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You could always try a body balance class? Mix of pilates, yoga and tai-chi



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Or you could try Yogalates which is a mix of the 2.

I'm also thinking of taking up these 2 and will probably opt for the mix one or just attend classes for both of them.

Yoga is good for improving your breathing technique, flexibility, posture and its a form of meditation. There are also different forms of Yoga to try. I am interested in Hatha Yoga to focus on my breathing because i am prone to stress and anxiety. But theres also Power Yoga which is a really good work out.

I've heard that Pilates is good for strenthening your core muscles (especially in the stomach) and for lengthening your muscles, so you appear taller (i need that at 5 foot 2, lol) and more slender. I know that alot of dancers do pilates, so its very good for the body ( and i would love to have a dancers body). I also read that Kate Winslet took up Palates and she looks fantastic.

If you cant decide between the 2, i would think about what you want to achieve with doing Yoga or Pilates. If you can afford it, i would reccomend you try both because it'll be good for your body. Or try the Yogalates like i mentioned earlier. I wouldn't worry about being a complete beginner with either of these. They usually offer classes for different intensities, so you could start off in the beginners class and work your way up.

I think going to classes is much better than doing the exercis at home, especially if you are a beginner. Once you have mastered the exercise atthe gym, you could always do it at home aswell.

I hope i've been of some help :) xx

(sorry for the long post :eek:)
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