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  1. broxi

    broxi ButtErFly

    Do any of you do Pilates? Is it hard? What is the best way of going about it? Would I need a certain level of fitness or ability before I went to a class?
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  3. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    It's great. i used to do Pilates, Body Balance - my favourite and yoga. Haven't done them since changing gym as I loved my teachers but membership went through the roof.

    Pilates is all based around your core muscles. YOu don't need to be at a certain leval of fitness to start. You take the class at your own pace and build up the movements as you get strongers. The first time I did it I felt really sick after but that never happened again. It's a fab class, very relaxing and you're working really hard and slow.

    Yoga, is really relaxing and you become really flexable with it. Each week you can really see the difference in how far you come. It's also very good for the mind and I really need to get back to it. I used to do it sunday mornings which was fantastic for getting in the right mindset for the week ahead.

    Body Balance is a mix of Tai Che, Pilates and Yoga and is so brilliant. You really tone up ad can feel it working but its also very relaxing too.

    My favourite in order Body Balance, Yoga and then Pilates xxx
  4. broxi

    broxi ButtErFly

    Thanks Sunshine, I want to get into something but know I do not have the level of fitness or stamina for Body Combat or aerobics etc. I also just mainly want to tone up. So I could take a class without looking like an idiot, even although I'm completely unfit?
  5. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    Just remember that evreyoe in the classes are either starting out like you or have been in your shoes before. I'd say Yoga would be a good one to start with as it's gentle and you can build it up. But then for toning, Pilates is better.

    Body Balance I couldn't do at the moment as I'm light headed and would have no balance at all :)

    I once did body combat and hated every second of it......

    What about swimming? Or aqua arobics is brilliant with the right teacher. That class got me back into the pool. I went to an all ladies class. I was terrified of being seen in a swim suit but forced myself to go and after that fiorst time it was easy. All the women were different shapes and sizes and no-one ever cared what the others looked like. We were all there for the same reason.....great, geat class and that got me back into swimming. I used to do so much exercise....Can't wait to start it all up again xxx
  6. incognito

    incognito Full Member


    I go to Pilates on e Wed night..

    Where are u located? x

    Its hard but good.. the instructor offers 3 diff levels to cater for everyone x
  7. broxi

    broxi ButtErFly

    Hi Incognito, I'm in Motherwell and the only time I ever go to Greenock is to get icecream from a great wee Italian cafe! My brother in law works there and takes his coolbag to work to stock up on it. My gym offers Pilates classes which is why I'm thinking of it but so unfit I don't want to make a fool of myself as there ae a lot of posers go there.
  8. incognito

    incognito Full Member

    AH just when said outside Glasgow wasn't sure what side :)

    I am unfit too.. you just do what you can x

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