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pivotal moment...

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
what was it that made you finally decide to jump on the lt train and change not only your physical appearance, but your whole thinking processes, mindsets, emotional attachments to the way you live/eat???

was there one single thing that finally tipped the scales (no pun intended)??

or is there a special occassion on the horizon that you want to look fab for?
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It sounds pathetic but i am married to a gorgeous guy who loves me to bits and i really want to get back to the slim bubbly girl he fell in love with instead of the tracksuit wearing prefering night in front of the telly girl that i have turned into!!!
For me it is a few things
i want to book my wedding:love047:, everyone tells me i should book my wedding THEN slim for it. but i want to book it when i am slim then i have motivation to KEEP IT OFF too!
It's also little things like, i have never taken my 2 yr old daughter swimming because i'm too ashamed at this weight, i dont see why she should miss out. Also after having my children i am very aware of how my parents influenced my yo-yo dieting and really dont want the same for them. these are just to name but a few xxx


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Just a feeling of unwellness really - always tired, always fed up, won't look at myself in the mirror, refuse invites because 'I have nothing to wear', zero sex drive ( I have had my moments!!!) and generally being very unhappy when I am a happy, extrovert who was becoming a bit of a recluse :(
I had 2 friends who had lost lots of weight on LT and I did think it might work, although not enough to do something positive about it. Then I discovered my blood pressure had gone sky high (for me) and that was the kick up the bum I needed to get me moving! Both friends have since given up but I'm determined to stick on it for the long term.

On the plus side my BP is back down to it's low level again! Yay!!!



I love my purdy shoes
I've been on diets since I was 15, ten years of yo yoing and I got to a stage where I realised it's me thats stopping myself from eating well. My confidence is rubbish, and i'm the heaviest i've ever been. My fiance and I have just been away and the seatbelt only just fastened (which I am so so glad of) I would have died if i'd had have to ask for a seatbelt ext.

So I refuse to be fat when we go to get married in the usa next year. It's time to change and stop being miserable about clothes and walking into pubs and eating infront of people.

I'm just annoyed it took me ten years to do something about it.

Lt is giving me that control again so i'm starting fresh.


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to be perfectly honest - i have tried every diet going. never succeeding and then heard about LT. I never thought for one minute i would actually get past the first week! such confidence in myself huh? LOL but i didn't. then when i lost 13lb the first week and actually 'survived' it i thought i'd give it another week. And now i'm on week 8 and f**king love it!! best decision i ever made. it must have been fate that i started because i really feel like this is the journey i am to take to reach my 'happy place'. ok i'm getting a bit deep there. *manly burp* just incase ya think i'm soft!!
When I looked at a picture there was nothing behind my eyes, a sort of deadness. I didn't recognise myself and it kinda scared me, I wanted to put the life and sparkle back xx


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I really wanted to be the yummy mummy my little girl deserved instead of the tired sluggish mummy she had! I also almost got turned away from an operation for being obese!!! Ive now had the op and am running around wild with my little 1!! Go LT xxx


Says it as it is!!!
My days next door neighbour said something along the lines of... Your bikini days are over!!! it twigged something and that was it ..i was like...no, they fecking arent... i will show them lol!!!
Always up for a challenge and to prove men wrong!!!


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My days next door neighbour said something along the lines of... Your bikini days are over!!! it twigged something and that was it ..i was like...no, they fecking arent... i will show them lol!!!
Always up for a challenge and to prove men wrong!!!

what exactly did you do to your neighbour? get a very blunt object and cut his dick off whilst ramming a very hot poker up his arse???? cheeky *******

(did i go too far then?)
Jesus make sure as soon as there is a bit of sun out and you are on target that u flaunt yourself in your bikini just to sicken that neighbour. what is it with some people that they think they have the right to say anything out loud??


Says it as it is!!!
LMAO VICKIE i love your comments hehe
Nah, he didn't mean it nastly hes lovely really ...it was my moment!
I just think men lack tact ...and brains for that matter heheh
vickie u got such a wonderful way with words! lol xox

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