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Hi :)

This may seem silly to some people.

I'm going on a plane in a couple of weeks, for the first time in a long time - The fella is taking me to London, it is just an hour or so there, so not a horrendously long flight! But I haven't been on a place since I was 18 - I was a size 14 back then, and I am currently a 22-24 jeans size.

He flies all the time with work, and I feel a bit silly to ask him but I am not sure what to expect. They will let me on, even though I'm big, won't they? I'm not expecting it to be comfortable, the seating, with my backside the size of a small planet, but will they expect me to pay for two seats? Do you think I will need to get an extension for the seatbelt? I don't mind if I do, so long as I expect that, but I don't want to go, get on the plane and then realise that I am too fat and need help?

The last time I was on a plane, as I said, was ages ago and it was long-haul to Kenya. I wasn't scared of the plane, it was fine, but being nearly twice the size, now, adds a whole different perspective!

Thank you, if anyone can help at all.
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Hi Auburn,

I was a hostie for 17 years (way back in my youth!!) and can let you know that 'all' types of people board an aircraft and all are made to feel welcome.

We went to Thailand a few years ago when I was size 24. The seat was tight but I managed okay on a long haul flight and had no problem with the seat belt. Seal belts vary in size (from seat to seat). But if you want a little extra room when you board the A/C say hi to the cabin staff at the cabin door and ask for an extension seat belt (let them know your seat number) and then if you do need it you are already sorted with no hassle or you can hand it back to them, or you can wait until you are seated and then ring the call button.

I did have a problem with the lap tray as I was too big to put it down completely and it sat at an angle so my coffee would have spilled :eek:. This problem depends on how close the seat in front of you is (we were on Air France). I just had drinks (coffee, water etc ) and used my O/H's which got rid of the problem but I tend not to eat on A/C anyway as I know how unhealthy they used to be (salt, sugar etc).

They probably won't sit you next to an emergency exit as they put people there that can open and get out of the exit quickly but that's not a problem as those seats don't recline for safety reasons and can be uncomfortable even with the extra leg room so you will be more comfy a few seats behind.

Basically what I'm saying is you will breeze through it, so have fun planning your trip and remember to have fun!! :D
Thank you all for your words, and Ronsy, thanks hehe I don't think we'll even have time for a cuppa on the flight, it's that short!!!! :)

I am so looking forward to the trip, I used to live in London, but having moved up to Aberdeen two and a half years ago, it's been a bit far to go on the train! Finally got round to renewing my passport... :D but it's been probably 5 years now since I was in the big city!
Very much looking forward to showing my very-scottish fella my old haunts from back in the day...! :p

Thanks again, I'll let you all know how I get on!x
ohhh this is a relief, i have been sooo worried about this!! hopefully i'll be slimmer by then but i'm going abroad for christmas and was so scared i wouldnt fit in the seats!! yay!
Hiya Auburn, you're pretty much exactly the weight I was in May when we went to Ibiza with Ryanair (so not much room or luxury lol). The seatbelt fitted me just fine, although extended about as far as it would go & the only discomfort I had was with the armrest digging into my hips a bit. My only advice would be to wear a long-ish top, as it tends to ride up when you're stuck in one position & you can flash a fair bit of flesh to those surrounding you lol. I didn't have any problems with the lap tray, although those tiny toilets can be a bit of a squeeze!!!!

Hope you have a fab trip xxx


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I fly quite frequently and I'm just about ok with the seat belts (currently size 22). I can't put the tray down though, not unless I want to cut off the blood supply to my lower body lol. The weight is falling off, so will hopefully start to notice when I fly again


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You'll be fine!
Last time I flew I was and at mo. still am a size 22-24 (Apple shape figure) and i had no problem with the fitted belt and did not need an extension.
Stop fretting and hopefully you pass through Edgware in London (my town). It's a great place and hope you have fun with your other half and try and get yourselves over to Green Park a cleeky part of London which is absolutely gorgeous with tons of window shopping with pen and paper at hand for you to write out a list of things for you to have when you reach your target. x

Hope the two of you enjoy your break
This is a great thread for me too with great replies.

I am flying on Monday to Cuba with Thomson and i have been worrying ALOT about fitting in the seat / seatbelt. i am a size 22/24 at the minute. i have flown every year and always been about this size, this is the biggest i have been though, and i have always fitted in the seatbelt. although as said previously the seat does dig in my hips a bit.

this is the last year that i am worrying aout this though. i will be at target next year.

Enjoy your hols xx


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Great thread :)

I have just come back from Gran Canaria and flew with Ryanair. I was worried before we went that I would have trouble with the seatbelt and armrests that would dig in. I arranged to sit between my two sons so no strangers would have to put with my fat overhanging. I am size 26.

However no worries. There was plenty of room and seat belt fitted (although was on longest sitting)

Enjoy your trip :D
I flew to America at size 26! Easy Jet are very generous with seatbelts, Thomson are dreadful! Just ask for an extension, and don't go for extra leg room seats as they're smaller! Have a fab time!
I'm just back from France, having flown with Easyjet. Both my daughter (size 22) and I (not sure, but probably 26 or 28) managed to get out seatbelts done up - just! We were sitting right at the front for the extra leg room so were right under the gaze of the cabin crew. Getting the seat belt done up was one of my personal goals - last time I flew I had to use an extension belt and really didn't want to have to ask for one this time so I was really pleased with myself. Getting the seat belt done up was a bit of a challenge, but once it was done up there was no problem - it wasn't uncomfortable and I fitted into the seat just fine.

Even better, I lost two pounds when I was away!:D



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I'm flying again in October, but not dreading it this time as I know I will be a bit smaller
Just a teeny tiny update for those who offered advice and raised similar concerns which made me feel way better about flying..!

I've done it! Went there and back, and we've even established that I could manage a flight to Rome for the next mini-break [hurrah!]

Size 24 jeans currently being worn, the belt did up [but I must admit, when the safety video said "pull loose end to tighten"... there wasn't a loose end... oops.
The seats were actually far more comfortable than some of the ones on trains.

So... all in all, I'm glad I have lost what I have lost so far, or it wouldn't have been so comfortable.
But for Rome - I'm having a "pull to tighten" bit.....


Have fab holidays, people :) x


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Really Happy it went well Jen, I too hope my next flight I can "pull to tighten" too lol


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oh you have given me some hope, i hope i am a dress size down by the time i fly but you have given me hope that even if i am not i could still do the belt up, fingers crossed, i must say i am getting myself worked up already, but it is a good thing actually cause its whats keeping me motivated to stick with this!
well done hun
We flew Thomson to Aruba in 2009. We 'upgraded' for more 'room' but I was not impressed. Have flown Virgin, Delta, BA and others and had no probs with lap belt. On Thomson, in the supposedly more spacious seat, there was no way that belt was doing up.
Now we are going to Madeira with Thomson, no upgrade, just standard and although i am about half a stone lighter than in 2009, I am still panicking at the thought of asking for an extension.

Tempted to starve myself to try and make it fit but then if it still doesn't going to be mega upset. Grrr, why must ti be so difficult?

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