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  1. Hi...I'm having a planned break 5 weeks time. Hubby and I are going to London for a few days and we intend to eat while we are there but try not to go overboard. I'm on my own version of 790 just now. I don't use my milk allowance at all but eat more veg that I should and I more or less stick to the correct protein quantities although I have different meats on occasions so I'm still probably only about the 800 calories most days. I'm worried about putting on loads of weight while I'm away. Ideally I'd like to maintain that week and then carry on again as soon as I'm back home. Should I be doing a week of 1000 cals before I go? Just wondered if anyone had any opinions on it.

    I know some will say don't do the planned break and carry on...I've thought about it, but decided that I'd rather plan to do it that plan to carry on and then fail. I'm going to be on CD for a long time and I refuse to stop living because I'm on a diet. I am avoiding ordinary nights out etc but there are a few in my diary that I will break the diet for...2 weddings and my trip to London...Hopefully that will be about it before Sept when I go on my hols.

    Thanks Tx
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  3. Thank you Dancing. That has reassured me a bit.... As long as I can control myself that is!! I might take some CD bars with me to have in the daytime and just have a meal at night. I went through a phase of not even wanting to go cause I was worried about coming off CD... In case I can't get back on again...I'm just telling myself though that as soon as that plane arrives back home, I'm back on CD again and I'll not extend the holiday.
    Thanks x
  4. Hi, Unfortunately both weddings will be all day and including a meal. I tried last time I was on CD to get through a daytime wedding. I had phoned the restaurant and asked for chicken and salad and when it came it was lovely but had dressings and loads on the plate that shouldn't have been there and ended up eating everything that was offered and after drawing attention to myself having a different meal from everyone else I felt a bit if it was an evening reception then I'd definitely not cheat but I think I'd find it difficult with these.The 1st one isn't until July so we'll see nearer the time.
    Thank you again x
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    I asked the same question at about the same time as you [email protected]@ker spooky stuff.

    Here's my question - it includes what my CDC said..

    "Have you ever had a planned break whilst on SS.

    I have a very special weekend coming up and after talking with my CDC she said it would be ok to come off the diet completly after Friday, enjoy my weekend - without going too mad, a few glasses of wine, red meat etc.

    Then on Monday start SS as of day 1 (no bars for 2 weeks).

    I wouldn't make this regular thing but I'm halfway through my weight loss (2 Stone down (6 weeks), 2 stone to go) and this seems a good way of dealing with a special event. I definaltly do not want to stop the diet completly, have no feelings about failing off the wagon and I'm really enjoying SS.

    What do you guys think and have you ever done it and what was the resulting weight gain - if any."

  6. Hiya,
    It's my planned break that's keeping me going on this!! It would drive me mad to think that I could be on this for months on end without a break.. I'm counting the days now till London. I'm not on SS though...I'm 790 so I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I know 1st time round I had a break for a wedding (wasn't planned but ended up being a break anyway) I got back on no problem...well felt hungry for a couple of days after but was ok....Other times I've done it, it was hard to get back on but I think the lesson learned was that I need to set myself a as soon as the plane lands back home that's the break over...Otherwise I think it could drag on...I'm tryng not to make a habit of it....I wouldn't have a break just for a night out...although got Hen nights ahead of me,... so I don't know how I'd handle that. Anyway, I think my next break after London would be 3 months further on so I think that seems reasonable. It's not easy is it??
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