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Planned cheats...???

I am following a VLCD - 100%. No cheating so far! :p Day 18.

The question is: my daughter is turning 18 on Sept 18. We are suppose to have a 'do' for her. We can do this at a restaurant (which is common - and easier) but it will be very, very weird (even for her) if I'm just drinking my shake (these events last for hours). OR, we can have it at our house where I will have to cook for everyone all weekend because they will stay ALL WEEKEND. I know I can cook, and not cheat. I don't know if I can cheat, and not WAY overdo it.

My vision of planning to cheat, is a bit like 'visions of sugar plums danced in their heads'. I KNOW I will WAY overdo it because it is my 'chance' to cram in all the food and drink I haven't had for a while. (OK, I know this is sick - but it's true and honest!)

So, what I'm wondering is - how have others handled this? What's the best thing to do? Is a 'planned' cheat possible or are you pretty much doomed after that?

Thanks for the input - we have to plan this weekend what we are going to do.
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Does no one cheat, ever, on the 100%? That's great! I haven't cheated yet either - just wondering if anyone does do 'planned' cheats and if they work or no???

I must have really had this on my mind - was dreaming so vividly that we had a party, I was eating, then kept eating the whole weekend because it was, well, the weekend! (I mean that was my old excuse!) I awoke in a panic - I was sure I'd been eating. But thank goodness, no, it was just a dream!
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lol we have all had that 'waking up in a panic' moment trust me hun!! I would say try not to eat at all, but if you really must then go for a no/low carb option, so a plain chicken salad or some fish with veggies. If you don't consume any carbs you will stay in ketosis and that way you won't feel dreadful when you go back on SS the next day xx
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Hi Kacey

If you are going to cheat - as Wannabslim says try and stick to low carb. White meat, fish, salad and green veg. If you are going to drink - bring yourself out of ketosis first as its really dangerous to drink alcohol in ketosis (see sticky on CD forum for details). In my first month my parents came to visit from Spain and it was my Mum's birthday so we went out for a meal. I phoned ahead and spoke to the chef and he prepared me some poached fish and veg. But if its a big "do" - I'd do it at home - I found it much less stressful cooking for others and just having my shakes, and if you do a buffet you can have a plateful of salady things and not even eat much but if you've a plate in your hand no one will ask questions! Also because you're not ordering drnks at a bar no one know you're not drinking either. Have fizzy water and pretend its a G&T or V&T.

You've admitted that if you go out you WILL binge so why take the chance - you're doing so well it would be a shame to have a setback. Its really hard to get back in the zone.

Thing is in life - there is always a reason to cheat or give up or not start a diet - a birthday, a holiday, a party, a works dinner etc etc etc. I decided if I waited till all the events I had planned were over I would still not have started now and rather than being 56 pounds lighter I probably would be another stone heavier with even further to go.

Make the right decision for you - I'm sure your daughter will understand

Carol xxx
Hi - Thanks for the comments. I've managed to convince daughter that I can do a much better meal for her - and she'll get more gifts :p if we have something at the house. I feel like I can control my food intake under that situation with no problem. So that's a plan! Now - it will either be in 2 or 3 weeks. I, of course, want to be thinner than ever at that point! :D So onward and um, downward!
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Well done! Really, think how good you will feel if you get through this without much damage. The most important part is being there, not what you actually eat. You would only be cheating yourself, and if you go overboard you will find it so much harder to get back on track.

Try and think in terms of moderation. Make yourself a really nice meal from the Regular list so that you can sit down and eat with everyone and stick to your 4 packs on both days of the weekend and then straight back on it on Monday morning.

Look forward to getting to Monday morning feeling you have dealt well with it all. It's so not worth ignoring the fact that you are on diet for that weekend in the long run.
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Yayyy well done on making the decision and being strong! Plus I'm sure the promise of extra gifts will appeal to your daughter ;) xx

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