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Planned days "off plan"


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Do you have planned days off plan?

I am in week four and so far have been 100% SS with no blips, but in three weeks time I have 20 people coming to my house for a bbq, the week after I have 3 friends coming to stay and the week after that I have 10 family members coming.

I have to feed them all.

I had planned to have a night off SS on all three Saturdays and have perhaps chicken or white fish and some salad. I will then go straight back on the SS for the Sunday and the rest of the week.

I am slightly afraid that I will not be able to resist the other things I am planning to prepare though and will not stop at the chicken!

After those three occassions, there will be no more temptation until xmas as I have nothing else planned.

What do you do when you have a planned day off? Do you try to have a SS+/810 meal or do you just think "sod it" and eat what you want?
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I did the sod it routine last time round and restarting was so hard ... its taken me 2 years and a health scare to get sorted! I hope you are stronger than me and can manage if you do decide to sod it! If it was me I would probably so ss+ or 810 Good luck
Well...we're all very different

I was 9 weeks 100% ss+ before my holiday 2 weeks ago...i went away and ate bascially what i wanted and put on 8 pounds (although 4 are off already came home yesterday)

Im back on CD day 2 and thoroughly motivated 100%

If you think you can 'eat' and get back onto it again 100% then go for it...i will be in future.

Different strokes for different folks ;)


Shut up Ethel
Honestly? I tend to think 'sod it'.

Beware, beware.....unless you are a really really strong person, permitting yourself to eat anything, eg an SS+ meal, can be received by your subconscious as 'permission to eat' and you can fall horribly off plan. Only do this if you are sure - certain - convinced - totally committed - to your decision. If you think you'll slip, it may be in a funny sort of way easier to stick to SS. But if you're certain, then it should be relatively easy to get back to SS straight after.


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I am honestly torn.

I have the best motivation ever to lose weight. If I don't - I won't have a baby. That will be the end of my chance to be a mother.

So that alone would be motivation to get back on it.

On the other hand - I do not want to go through the pain of getting into ketosis again as I hated it.


Shut up Ethel
Actually Guru that's two votes for staying on plan - baby, and getting into ketosis again. yet to hear a good reason for going off it.....

Put like that - what's more important? Motherhood, or a barbecue?

(this is do as I say, of course, not do as I do - I am quite bad at saying 'sod it')


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Haha I am good at dishing out advice and not following my own!

Thanks for your thoughts. I will ponder it and see how I feel in three weeks time.


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Guru, I have been in the same situation and did ss+ which didn't throw me out of ketosis :) I felt great as I was still losing weight but managed to socialise too. But you run the risk of wanting to eat more, I did want to eat more but managed to stick to the ss+.

Having a baby is an amazing experience, been there 3 times over and its the most wonderful thing, after you get to goal and hopefully fall pregnant, you can know that you got there by doing cd, I think in your head you know that you don't want to go off plan so don't do it, you can eat later...

Put like that - what's more important? Motherhood, or a barbecue?
Well this is a good point! But I think if you're planning ahead then you could work something around it.

Anyway, you never know; I've attended two parties and two BBQ's while on CD and fully resisted at all of them. If you knew me IRL then you'd know this was not normally me at all! It might be tough, but focus on the end goal.
Only you know how you respond to food previously, if you feel you can be strong enough and just stick to an ss+/810/atkins type meal then you could always test yourself on the bbq and then you'll know if you want to do it again for the next occassion. Personally, i'd probably have to say no to all at the moment, i know my binge eating demons are not far enough buried to be able to 100% guarantee i wouldn't be really naughty and then struggle to get back to this point again. I couldn't afford to take that chance, i want this too much, and then i'd just be peeved with myself that i let myself down, this diet can be challenging enough without adding to the pressure. Why do you feel you need to consider eating on these occasions? Is it a social thing? I have holiday booked in sept and hope to continue ss throughout, although it may be a challenge i try to see it as 'just' one holiday as opposed to all the other reasons i want to lose weight. Good luck whatever you decide, let us know how it goes xx


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Personally I think you'd be better sticking to low carb meats on the bbq with a little green salad.. You'll still have a good time and going to bed that night knowing you're still on track will be a great feeling! I haven't felt like I've missed out any times if I've gone out and just had chicken etc, you're doing so well - it will be great seeing everyone and that will carry you through, as much as all the foods you'll be preparing will be lvoely for everyone else, it's only one night and you're doing so well with cambridge it seems a shame to just not keep your head down and keep going, you'll be at goal soon enough and, when you're pg, there'll be the mother of all parties (and I bloody won't be working for that one so I'll be able to come!!) and you'll be able to enjoy the food then!


Winning a losing battle!
On the days that I've had off plan, I have followed SS+ or 810 and have got straight back on the following day. I tend to stick to chicken and green salad as everything else scares me!!

I do have a girly weekend this weekend where I plan to have a glass of wine so will be following the 1000 cal plan so that I have some carbs to knock me out of ketosis.

I don't really see it as being off plan as I am still following CD but just using a higher plan (apart from the glass of wine of course!)
Again only repeating what other people have said on here........but I would go by how strong you would be on getting back on to CD afterwards......it would be much easier to do what lunarjim said and stick to an atkins type diet. But you still wouldn't be able to have alcohol due to being in ketosis.

I found by what other poeple have experinced that if you do have a big blow out. The weight you put on will usually go in the next week of ss but remember it's sort of a week wasted in weight loss! xxx

I'm sure you will decide what is best for you xx
It's up to the individual :)
I, personally, have decided that I am not going off ss until I reach a bmi of 25. Recently, I have tried to ss+ or 810 on social occassions, but the reality is I then fallen off the wagon big time, struggling to get back on and delaying my time to target by Lord knows how long :(
It's my decision now to stay 100%. I have two meals planned(25th and 28th August) but I have decided I will sit and drink sparkling water and take a bar. I managed very well doing that in the beginning and my losses were reward enough. I just want to be at goal asap :)
Good luck with whatever you decide :)
Hi Guru

parties and having people round is always so difficult on ss! I always end up feeling almost guilty about not eating as I feel like I'm making people uncomfortable but maybe you should just put yourself first and if getting the weight off asap is the most important thing then I personally wouldn't risk deviating from ss.

At the minute I'm off ss due to having to take tamiflu for the dreaded swine flu and I promised myself I wouldn't do what I always do and eat crap and yet again I have! I was ok for the first couple of days and then saturday and sunday I just pigged out on chocolate etc...I now feel rubbish and bloated :(

Anyway sorry to go off on a personal rant but just wanted to give you an idea of what can happen if you do slightly deviate from the plan, maybe see how strong you feel on the day?



Needs to stop eating!!
I have so far had 3 off plan days in the 5 1/2 weeks I've been on CD they have included alcohol(yesterday!) and I have got right back on plan the next day....I dont find it hard getting back onto CD. I am not really bothered about getting in and out of ketosis, as taking in 500 cals a day WILL result in Weight loss, ketosis or not. I havent followed SS+ or 810 on my off days and have just eaten what I wanted but I found myself only really wanting fruits and generally healthy stuff anyway. As others have said, its really up to you and how much willpower you have, Good luck in whatever you decide.


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Honestly? I tend to think 'sod it'.

Beware, beware.....unless you are a really really strong person, permitting yourself to eat anything, eg an SS+ meal, can be received by your subconscious as 'permission to eat' and you can fall horribly off plan. Only do this if you are sure - certain - convinced - totally committed - to your decision. If you think you'll slip, it may be in a funny sort of way easier to stick to SS. But if you're certain, then it should be relatively easy to get back to SS straight after.

This is great advice!


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I'd mention it to your CDC as well, and as others said maybe SS+ or 810 so you can join in a bit, but in a controlled manner, and then straight back on ... you have some time to go so you can re-address in a couple of weeks?

good luck
I personally think it is upto you and depends on the type of person you are....if you are strong willed and know you can go back to SSing after then do SS+ or follow the 810 plan.
If I was in your shoes though I must admit...I wouldn't eat and stay with SS 100%. There will be other parties and BBQ's....you have the rest of your life to pig out...a chance to become a mother on the IVF route is a tricky one and the sooner you lose the weight to get approved for treatment the better.
Just think about all the future parties and BBQ's...and how sweet the food will taste once you have a beautiful baby in your arms!
"Don't put off til' tomorrow..what you could have done today".
Getting your body into Ketosis is a horrible journey and if you are anything like me it took me about a week or two of suffering before I felt 100% right and I wouldn't want to go through the pain of that again.
All I can say is that for me..now on week 8 on SS 100%..I have had no blips or falls along the way...I just want this too much...I do not plan to fail...I have been out for meals with friends and to the pub on nights out and sat with a peanut bar and bottles of water. I could not even contemplate putting food into my mouth. Temptation is a tricky one and is in our way throughout the whole of our CD journey...Please do not set yourself up for a fall...just try and think how long it took you to get your head in the right frame of mind to begin your journey. If you can afford to waste the time getting back to that state of mind then break the diet, but it is not easy. Being on SS 100% does not have to mean you automatically become unsociable....enjoy the party..bbq, enjoy your friends...don't let food issues destroy your desire to become a mother. Be strong and avoid temptation.
I am sorry if this sounds like harsh advice, but I understand that longing for a baby as I struggled too to concieve and I just can't understand why you are even contemplating a blip.
Sorry that is just the way I feel.
I wish you luck on whatever you decide to do, just make your decisions wisely..and try not to fall off the wagon completely.

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