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Planned meals


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I was wondering if anyone on here has regular planned meals? If so how do you get on?

I only ask because my chemist has told me I might need to come off LT due to persistant lightheadedness (not due to blood pressure). I don't want to come off LT as this weight loss programme actually works. So I was wondering about having a planned small meal a week - a high protein, low carb meal with lots of healthy green stuff eg. chicken salad. This won't take me out of ketosis but would allow me to get the extra nutients that it seems I need.

However the chemist was keen on this, as LT is not meant to be taken with food. The trouble is I have tried to lose weight in lots of ways over the years but so far this is the only one that has given me any real results. Last time I dieted - it took me 6 months to lose 2 stone! This means it would take me a few years and if the weight loss stalls it could take even longer! On LT I have almost lost that in 5 weeks!!!

I haven't eaten yet but the lady in the chemist told me I feel any worse to have a meal - I don't feel any better and almost fainted earlier so I it looks like I have no choice but have the chicken caesar salad (minus bad stuff) l I was craving anyway!

I am so fed up! :cry:
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I would suggest you swap onto the cambridge diet as it has a plan where you have the 3 shakes and a very small carb free low cal meal every day and the weight loss is virtually the same as Liptrim ( average 12 lb a month instead of 14 ... ) it still keeps you in ketosis and is still only giving you 610 calories a day .. I did it for a while and my body was much happier ( that is the reason I swapped from lipotrim to cambridge )
I dont suggest you add a meal with LT as tis not designed that way and the chemist cannot advise you on this , wehreas a cambrdige concellor has the knowledge of this plan :)
worth looking at


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Thank you, I will definitely look into CD. LT clearly isn't quite the right plan for me.

Earlier my hubby told me off - told me to stop putting off having some food because I looked awful and was clearly very dizzy!

I knew he was right - so I made my chicken salad. The salad was made with several dark green baby leaves and alfalpha & leek shoots (lots of folic acid, iron and B vitamins) with extra virgin oil mayo and a little piri piri sauce. I only ate about half the grilled chicken breast but managed all the green stuff. It did taste good but more importantly ... a couple of hours later - I feel so much better. :) Yet at the same time I feel guilty for eating something! :(

So it doesn't look like I have much choice but to come off LT. Will definitely look into CD. Anyone know how much CD costs?
CD is ebtween £35 and £39 a week depending what you have ( bars and ready made shakes are more expensive ) .. so much the same as LT .
I will give you the rules of SS+ which is the plan with a small meal so you can use it as a guide to what you can have safely without taking you out of ketosis .
o n this plan you have 3 packs a day plus -
one of -
-120 g chicken or turkey breast , skin off
-190 g white fish
-250 g steamed tofu
-200g quorn
-180g tinned tuna in spring water
-225 low fat cottage cheese

and -
2 tablespoons of cooked or raw veg from the list below -
asparagus , broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery , cougette, cumcumber , lettuce , mushroom , spinach

you can also have dried herbs , vinegar , fat free salad dressing ( helmanns do one ) , curry powder etc

I love CD as it has so many more flavours ( and they taste amazing ) and the bars are amazing and they have water flavour that really helps me to drink loads ... there is also a 810 caloire plan which is similar to the above but bigger allowances of eerything .. sounds like one of the plans would really suit you :)


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CD cost depends on your counsellor and how much she charges for the different products. My CDC charges more for bars and Briks than for shakes so i can sometimes pay over £40 a week but it's worth it for me.


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Thank you for the info. I'll see what the lady in the chemist says tomorrow before I make a decision but I'm sure she'll not let me stay on LT.

I was wondering whether the lightheaded thing is just a blip and now I have eaten maybe I'll be ok? I do feel tons better. Today I'm just having my shakes as I don't feel like I need anything else. :)

I got on the scales this morning and they have gone down a little so replacing one of my sachets hasn't done my weight loss any harm. Phew!


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Thank You both so much Determinator and Stinkybreath for signposting me to CD.

Tonight I met my consultant and I shall start SS+. She's going on holiday so I picked up 'supplies' for 3 weeks. The cost worked out exactly the same as LT. I couldn't believe the amount of flavours - I have a really sample of all the shakes and soups and can't wait to try the porridge. I also got one of each of the bars except peanut because I'm allergic to them. I was like a child walking into a sweet shop - wow the choice!

Of course for me, knowing I can have that small meal will make all the difference to me. As soon as I feel a little lightheaded I will include the meal for that day but if I feel good then I will leave it out.

I feel like I have been liberated! Last week I was getting so worried that I might get ill then I was so upset when the chemist said I'd have to come off LT and now I'm so relieved and happy. I get to keep on dieting in a way that actually works and I can have the type of meal I was craving without guilt as part of the plan.


Size 14 here i come!
You are very welcome and i am so happy that you have found a diet that you are going to be safe with and the hubby will be happier about too.
The choice is massive isn't it? lol i was exactly the same when i first started CD.
Good luck with it and let me know how you get on, don't worry if there is alot of flavours you don't like, as there will be plenty that you do.
I didn't like any soups, i don't eat porridge anyway and the crunchy bars weren't for me either. But i love a few of the shake flavours, the choc bars are lovely and my fav is the ready made choc brik shakes, Mmmm!
All the best Dez for doing CD. It would have been easy to just have stopped but you've found an alternative, well done!!
Good luck and keep us posted. x
Hi, I'm on a low carb diet where all the meals are provided for you so you are eating enjoyable meals & snacks. eg breakfast would be cereal with berries & greak yogurt. you would need to provid berries & yogurt or egg & bacon for a change. Lunch, soup.During the afternoon you could have one of your snacks & Dinner there is a choice of various meals which you just need to add your vegetables. Plus drink about 6-8 glasses of water.


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Thanks Loopdidoo. The chemist said I should refeed then take a month out from dieting before starting another one. This scared me to death - I had visions of losing my motivation and putting all my wait back on. I just couldn't let that happen; it took a lot of motivation to go on LT (I'm sure you all understand that one) and then a lot one single-mindedness to stay on it. I wasn't going to let one hiccup get in the way of me losing my goal of nearly 10 stone NOT NOW I'd decided I was really going to lose it. I might never be able to get back into this frame of mind again. So yes it could have been easy to just stop dieting but I had made a conscious decision - it is my choice to lose all my excess weight, I have never felt more positive in my life.

Sorry if that sounds like I'm laying it on thick, but for those of you who have always struggled with your weight, you may understand. Often you try to lose weight because other people or society say you should or to please a loved one. You can feel pushed into doing it before you are ready to. It takes a lot of will power, sheer grit, determination to lose weight and self belief that you can do it, IMHO.

I will certainly update you on how I'm doing. Good luck to you all with your journeys and I would love for you to let me know how you are doing to.

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