Planning for a holiday - help please


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I am going on Holiday for a week on 13th Oct. I am planning to eat but not too much carbs.

I discused this with my CDC last night and she feels that next week I will have to do AAM, week after 790, week after..up to 1200. That means this would be my last week of SS before I go.

Is this really necessary? I was just wanting to do one week of 790 before I go, have a week off then straight back onto SS.

My CDC feels that this is needed as I am not planning to take packs with me. I now feel like just saying that I am (white lie), not go mad when I am away and just repair the damage when I get back.

Any ideas greatfully recd.
I would advise you to do what your CDC says, tbh. A lot of people don't plan their eating well enough and so do go mad when let loose and confronted with choice! So she's just thinking of you and wants you to increase your carbs gradually so that any "damage" is limited - ie you don't put on your glycogen weight overnight which could put you off losing the rest of the weight when you get back.