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plantar fasciitis

Discussion in 'Nutrition, Health & Beauty' started by emmalouise82, 3 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    Anyone else have this problem?
    I haven't actually been to the docs yet so it's a self diognosis. I've read up on it and it seem this is what's wrong.
    Any advise? Is it worth going to the docs? Ibruprofen I believe is suppose to help?
    Any advice welcomed :0)
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  3. JulesyR

    JulesyR Well-Known Member

    Yep, had it a couple of times. Causes/solutions vary but:

    Calf stretches
    Rolling cold can / small bottle of frozen water under the arch of the foot

    If it doesn't improve after a week /10 days I would go and see a Physio.

    Hope that helps!
  4. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Well-Known Member

    Thanks I've had it for I'd say a couple of months but its got worse. I didn't bother looking it up because I just thought it was achy feet from walking. I'm going to the doctors today.
    Thanks for replying :0)
  5. JulesyR

    JulesyR Well-Known Member

    You're welcome- prob should say you have to do the Stretches and can rolling religiously, at least twice a day. Hope it gets better soon, literally is a pain!
  6. ceebeee

    ceebeee Well-Known Member

    I have this and have been advised to stay away from cheap flat shoes as the provide no support, and to ideally wear shoes with a slight heel nothing silly high though!

    I also was on strong anti inflammatory and painkillers for half a year as it was like someone sticking a knife on my foot with each step.

    I do regular foot stretches and massages, especially first thing in the morning. Wear good quality shoes with good support and the pain is now only really apparent when I go for long walks or in summer when the lure of flip flops and cheap sandals is too appealing!
  7. emma_partington27

    emma_partington27 Well-Known Member

    I also hav this its so annoying cant do my running anymore coz it flares up! I can hav anti inflammatories due to stomach problems and a low dose ov ibrurofen is just rubbish. Ive also had a cortisone injection in my heel which bloody hurt and it didnt work ive tried kineslogoy taping also rubbish! Basically i hav been told wear gud supporting shoes with abit ov a heel and it shud eventually go away!!! :(
  8. skinnybodyc

    skinnybodyc Well-Known Member

    A very painful condition ,I ended up with 4 months of physio and strong painkillers with this . Now i still do my stretches and alternate my footwear so it doesnt happen again

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