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please advise!!


Loves to be happy
ok so today is my 9th day and i feel like eating so badly. ive had a bad day and had too confront a few other issues and i just feel done with this now but i dont wanna be. I was thinkin b4 i cheat go on the maintanance (i cant even spell cause my mind is going about 2Mph) did anybody else just have this feeling that they just wanted t give up and try something else?? please help!!!:cry::confused:
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I did. I was on LP for 2 weeks got close to goal and went on Maintenance because I wanted to EAT. I really regret it now. I'm back on LP full on because I gained the weight back. If you only do it for 9 days you really haven't established any real habits or stuck with it long enough. You will most likely gain everything you lost back because the first week was water weight.

Ask yourself, do you want to cheat on yourself? That is the only person/ thing that will be cheated on here. Do you want to throw 9 days away? Maintenance is only a little better and you may be tempted to cheat on maintenance. Will you be able to control yourself and only eat Maintenance okay foods?

Keep your chin up and take a hot bath, read a book, do a meditation exercise and refocus back to your goals. Keep up your good work.
im on day 8 and feel the same i am costantly fighting myself not to give in but its so hard im not giving up tho at all i lost eleven pound in the first week so that was the boost i needed , dont give up you can do it good luck x
5 years ago I did LL, and after 14 days I felt like giving up. I had lost 17 lbs and I just sat and cried my eyes out because I had such a long way to go and I couldn't see the end and I just wanted to stop and give up.

My friends let me have my cry and then reminded me why I started LL, they picked me up. From then on I just took it one day at a time and b4 I knew it I'd lost 3 stone. So my advice is just take it one day at a time, tell yourself over and over again why this is important to you. You can do this :)

Ames xXx
Nat hang in there it will b worth it b true to how u really feel and how much u want this.... if u really really feel u need sumtin do wat im doin hun it helps me no end... as u know im not allowed do full so I use 2 shakes from maintenance a day plus grilled chicken or tuna with a small salad and it really helps I also stick to just water and Iv had fantastic result so far its getting me ready for wen I want to do the full LT and the girl in chemist is really helpfull 2 as she knows Im workin towards doin full LT and encourges me totally, do u hav that support hun?? ;)

dont b too hard on urself we all know how u feel and ur doing a fantastic job xxx


Loves to be happy
Hi girls I would just like to say a big THANK YOU xx
that nite was extremely diffucult I really dont know wat came over me, well maybe it was the fatty in me :D well i am so proud to say i have kept on my LT fully and have not cheated once. I am on LT 11 days now and i feel alot better. My buddy who was doing it with me came off after the first week so i was dissapointed cause it made me wanna leave but i kept on and knowing i can come here to you lovely people REALLY helped me ALOT. I do plan to re-feed next friday as it is my best friends party and i would like to have 2 drinks.
I have t ask what you think of that?? and i was planning on going on LT maintance and to be honest its the only thing keeping me from eatin xxxxxx
Nat xXx
:clap:well done Nat good for u girl!!!! i actually had wondered the same thing as u about maintenance was wonderin was it worth goin on full for now just to re feed in oct so I decided to do 2 shake one meal till oct and after the weddin WHAM ill go on full plan!!!:D


Loves to be happy
my computor is being an Ahole so icantcome on here as often as i'd like but how are you doing hun??
Im always wondering how your getting on and always hoping you are well xxxxxxxx
Hi Nat, glad to hear that you managed to stay focussed on the Lipotrim even if you felt life isnt going the way you want it to. Best thing to do really is to keep knocking back the water to suppress the hunger pangs so you are less inclined to be tempted into eating again. Like Geraldine said, just take it one day at a time. I am finding inspirations just by reading other people's posts and know that we all have rocky roads to tread or have already crossed. Just keep your wits about you keep really busy with other tasks not to be tempted by food. If you do find that you have had a nibble or two, dont let that blip set you back, just get back on track and carry on with lipotrim. There is some girl power within you. So don't be too hard on yourself and take great care x


i want to be like betty
nice one i like that GIRL POWER thats my new saying from now on when people ask how have you lost your weight thats what i will say its too hard to explain what we are doing:)
LOL Acornpink! It just what we need to keep us strong and focused! :)

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