Please could you check I'm doing green day correctly.


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Hi everyone. Hope you're all well. I'm abit of a newbie when it comes to SW so please be gentle.
I was doing EE but I'm not a big meat eater and was sure that my meals were more green day than anything else so I've decided to give it a go, especially as I can have more HEXs. I'd like to try red days next week so please let me know if you have diaries I can check out.
Also I'm wondering how much weight you have all lost on either red/green days...I need some inspiration ;)
Anyhoooo here's what I'm having today, does this look ok? Thank you so much in advance xx

Brekkie: Omlette, baked beans and 2 (small loaf) brown bread toast (no butter)

Lunch: Sweet potato (jacket), beans and HEXA x2

Midday: 1x Alpen light bar HEXB

Dinner: Quorn style chicken pieces in stir fry and noodles using (half a jar of wagamams chilli stir fry sauce) 7 syns

Snacks: muller light, pear and apple.
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To be a heb your bread needs to be whole meal unless its on the list

Otherwise looks alright. If you can try and get a little extra super free in there it will help speed your losses and keep you fuller for longer.

At the top of the SW board are subcategories, one is food diaries where you can post this and people can look over it there. Also loads of ideas too from looking at other people's diaries xx


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Yep - the bread would need so be Synned if it's not wholemeal, but apart from that it looks good! I do mostly green days, so if you're ever stuck for ideas feel free to check out my diary :)


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what the others said (although I'm guessing maybe it was wholemeal as when I started I used to just call it brown until I realised that confused people when I told them what I'd eaten lol) and also you get 2 alpen lights as a HEB.


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I would suggest you really look to up your superfree foods as there are none at all in any of your meals and the SW recommendation is that you aim for a third superfree with every meal. I do green all the time and personally I try to avoid having the same free food at more than one meal a day so I wouldn't have beans with both breakfast and lunch. But the main thing missing in your menu is the superfree hun xx


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I do only green, and but I'm opposite to patchworkpuss, as I'll eat the same superfree food for weeks until I get sick of it and change. I do that for all my meals too, but I'm single so I don't have to worry about feeding anyone else and I like what I make so why not eat it till I get finish it? Everyone is different, just depends on your circumstances and level of boredom for little variety

I just made veggie couscous which will feed me for at least 4 or 5 meals, and I'll have that twice today because I like it and I have somewhere to go so it's fast. I have a diary but no link in my signature if you want to see how I eat and I've lost (not including this week as * week) almost 10lbs in 2 weeks on green only at 100% let me know and I'll tell you what it's called or I'll add a link