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Please explain?

I love jacket spuds and just don't understand why they would be bad for GI when new spuds are allowed? They both have skin and I always eat the skin?

Another question is about multigrain bread... supermarkets own variety... it doesn't say whether it's wholemeal or just brown, but it does have multigrains/seeds on it. Is that allowed or should I stick to granary?

Is there a low sugar version of marmalade that would be ok and tastes good?

Is lurpak allowed? (scrape on and off amount only)

What about honey nut shredded wheats with goat milk?

Sorry to come with so many questions... I've ordered the books but have to wait til they're delivered and just got real puzzled by it all.

I do seem to have a head start in snack foods cos my favs are mandarin oranges, plums, apples, mullerlight yogurts, almonds, Dark Rye Ryvita, oh and those little snack packs from the 'you are what you eat' range with seeds and nuts??
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Looking at trying the GL diet. Looks like one that fits a lot of my taste in healthy food with one or two confusions, hence the questions. Even more confused now cos Jacket spud is on the NO list but included in a 21 day plan I just looked at???? I don't understand !!!!!!!


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Old potatoes have more starch in them so when they are cooked they enter the blood stream faster and have a high GI

Carbohydrate foods are those that contain glucose, which is found in plant foods.

Cheese, eggs, fish and meat contain only fat and protein and so cannot be included in the table.

What about honey nut shredded wheats (GI medium Foods) with goat milk?

do seem to have a head start in snack foods cos my favs are mandarin oranges, plums, apples, mullerlight yogurts, almonds, Dark Rye Ryvita, (GI Medium) oh and those little snack packs from the 'you are what you eat' range with seeds and nuts??

The combination of protein and fats gives nuts and seeds their low GI.

Mandarin low GI

Oranges low GI

Plums low GI

Apples low GI

Muller yogurt low GI
Hmmm.... If the honey nut shredded wheat are medium does that mean I can have them 'occasionally' but not every day? I have a feeling my other fav cereal, original alpen, will be high cos of the malt and sugar content? Still, I like granary bread with lurpak and marmite. ;)

I can understand the spud thing now... thanks.

How often can you have medium GI/GL foods? For losing weight that is?



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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)
Hi Lesley,

Keep the portions of high GI foods small.

Include large portions of very low GI and GL foods, for example low GL vegetables.

The GL diet is based on wholesome food and it is more than a diet, it is a way of life.
Hi Lesley - just catching up with all this!

You seem to have got the spud things sorted... As for the bread you should have brown bread that has at least 2-3% fibre per slice - that includes a lot of grainery style bread... Just to name a few loaves you can have:

Warburtons Seeded

Hovis Granary

Burgen's Soya and Linseed Bread

And most supermarkets offer some kind of brown, seeded or granary bread that meets the 3% fibre requirement...

However I don't know much about the the GL diet and what it's bread requirements are - the above on;y goes for Rick Gallop's GI Diet book...

Hope that helps.

Luv Cc xx xx xx
Oooh and just another thing!

I've read varying accounts of what GI/GL ways of eating are and I've often found there are many discrepancies particularly in recipe books which claim to have meals that are low gi...

To keep life simple I would select either eating low GI or the GL diet and follow one book - otherwise it gets bloody complicated!

I know that giving up baked spuds might seem hard, I was former baked potato addict ;-) but they are easier to give up than you realise!

Goodluck anyway!

CC xx xx xx
Thanks both of you! I'm getting 3 of Nigel Denby's GL books. Ebay is bril LOL. From what I've read online the GL diet decideds what is low by a normal size portion... not unrealistic amounts. Like a slice of watermelon, not a whole watermelon. So there are a few things allowed on GL that aren't on GI? Just thought it would be good to try for longterm healthy eating for both of us.

Curvy, have you found a low sugar marmalade that's nice? Or is that another give-up? I do like marmite so I guess I can use that instead LOL.
Hi Lesley

Personally I don't like marmalade! But I love jam and I have discovered that there is jam out there with no sugar in it.

Checkout the St Dalfour range, rather than being made with sugar their jams are sweetned with grape juice. I love their jam! According to the GI Diet website you are allowed Jams were the fruit is listed as the first ingredient - I know that sounds long winded but hey you can have jam!!! And it looks as though St Dalfour do marmalade - even though they don't call it that :).

Luv Cc xxx xxx

PS. I don't know where you shop - but Sainsburys sell St Dalfour stuff...
I usually shop at Morrisons or Asda. I'll have a look there first, but if not I just might have to try sainsbury's?

Wondering, once the books come, whether to work out a month of mealplans and then just repeat it each month? I don't usually bother with pre-planning, but then I don't usually have much success avoiding temptation.... I think the more I have to think about it daily the more I'm likely to break it?
I'll probably be going back to work next week so if I can get this sorted and planned this week it would be great! Just got to decide whether to treat this week as an intro towards GL or as a binge week LMAO!!!
OOOOOOooooooooo just had a nosy at Asda online and the do do St Dalfour.... not marmalade.... but an Orange and Ginger jam sounds interesting???? ;)
Well my books arrived... but I'm swinging between giving it a go or trying Pmk's way again? I think I need to have a good read and gradually adjust most of our meals to include the GL way for OH's health... So I'll go read them and then decide. Like most dieters I really would love to be free of diets forever... but only if I can lose weight too? Hmmm....
Hi Lesley
yes it would be nice if we could be free of diets and just not have to bother I think sometimes the more you think of diets it makes you worse and some people dont bother with their weight must be nice
Yes i understand that lesley and also your health suffers all i want is to get rid of this fat im carrying around with me it wears me down . also want to be in a healthy weight range its going to take a bit of time and perseverence to get there

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