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Please help me choose food for these meals out!

Hiya all,
I'm at a conference over the weekend and my CDC has told me to try to stick to AAM stuff. Can you look at this menu and tell me what I'll be safe with - don't wanna go outta ketosis!lol
Salad of marinated Squab Breast, Pistachio Mango and Chilli Dressing £6.50
Warm terrine of Quail Black Pudding foie gras Red Onion and Apricot Marmalade £6.50
Tian of Cured Salmon and Crab with Red Pepper and Wasabi Crème Fraiche £6.00
Sauté of hand harvested Scallops on Vegetable ribbons and Truffle Oil £6.50
Glazed White Asparagus with Orange Béarnaise served in a Champagne Glass £5.90​
Hot Sphere of Goat Cheese Red Cabbage and Port Jam £6.50

Main Course
Stuffed Saddle of Rabbit, Sun-dried Tomato Mash and Juniper Port Sauce £16.50
Roast Breast of Duck, Button Nut Squash and Redcurrant Jus £15.00
Tournedos of Beef Fillet with Celeriac and Carrot Gallette Wild Mushroom Truffle Oil Sauce £19.50
Beef Paupiette with Pancetta Potato Tower with Roquefort Sauce £13.50
Grilled Scottish 8oz Sirloin Steak with a choice of sauce Dianne or Green Peppercorn and Brandy Sauce £14.95
Chateaubriand with Seasonal Vegetables and pan deglazed Madeira Sauce (Ideal for two people) £38.95
Assiette of Lamb Fillet Tian of Mediterranean Vegetables, Lamb Kidneys, Lentils and Swede Fondant £17.95​
Pearl Barley Risotto with Stew of Green Vegetables, Parmesan Crisp topped
With Deep Fried Egg Yolk £12.95
Mushroom Ragout Pappardelle with toasted Feta Cheese £12.95
Grilled Vegetable and Mozzarella stack with a Tian of Polenta and Sweet Potato £11.95
Fresh Ravioli cooked Spinach White Wine and Quarto Fromage £11.95​
Roast Fillet of Barramundi Cassoulet of Beans, Purple Potato Mash
And Sauce Jacqueline £18.50
Fillet of Red Mullet and a delicate Salmon Mousseline stuffed Scallop
And a Vanilla Cream Sauce £14.75
Blackened Monkfish on Parmesan Mash with a delicate Curry Sauce £14.50
Brill Fillet crushed Sweet Potato, Aubergine Confit with Beurre Rough £14.50
Grilled Halibut with Braised Red Cabbage with Tomato and Caper Sauce £13.95
Grilled Dover Sole served Plain or Ala Menuiere with Vegetables £21.95

Side Orders
Ratatouille Crumble
Bean and Avocado Salad
Garlic Bread
Green or Mixed Salad
Chips or Seasonal Vegetables
Sautéed Potatoes​
Caesar Salad £6.50
Caesar Salad with Cajun Chicken £7.50
Lemon marinated Chicken with Grilled Vegetables, Arugula Leaves
And Pesto £7.50
Marinated Yellow Tomato, Brie Red Apples and Crisp Leaf and Avocado​
With Crispy Beef £7.50

am not gonna put the deserts down for obvious reasons!lol
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Oh gawwwwwwd!!!

Well, I can't understand most of it without a tranlation book but most of it looks like 'goobye ketosis'.

I think I'd probably miss out the starter (would just chat and sip on sparkling water) and then opt for the plain grilled Dover sole and green / white vegetables.

Seems harsh but it depends how serious you are about reducing the chance of slipping too far out of ketosis.


MUST get a grip
You could try and have a word wth the Chef etc a little earlier - tell him you have a number of food allergies & need plain grilled food with veg, no sauces or gravy etc. Tell him you must avoid milk, wheat & yeast products - those things are in most things that you shouldnt be eating whilst SS'ing of 790'ing.

I'd skip the starter personally, as this could give you a green light to eat more, in your heart not your head though!

Ahhh poor you having this sort of do - still if you can get through this one, there'll be nothing you cant do hun xxxx
The most important thing is to avoid carbs as much as poss and sugar. It's probably better to order things you can resist as much as possible too! Try and leave some on your plate. And go for the least faffed about stuff as well.

I'd go for the scallops then the sole or the halibut.

It all sounds lovely though so since you have to do this, do enjoy it too.

PS No booze!
How about a caesar salad with chicken. Or ask for fish grilled with no sauce and with vegetables but no potatoes.

I again would skip the starter

Hope it goes ok for you whatever you choose.

toooooooooooo expensive !!! wallet and on ketosis !! xx
hehehe- I'm not paying! It's a conference and, as well as the dinner on saturday night I also have to do breakfast on one day and lunch on sat and sunday! Oh well - might just have to disappear or I WILL be tempted.
Thanks for all your help
i could go in your place !!
there will be other conferences ............. i would say you were queasy and retire early ,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck ................... if you eat you .....nobody else will care ,so do it for you........... WE care so we say NO xxxxxx
did that make sense ........it didn't to me !!
Lol - I think I understand what you mean. You are encouraging me to stay on track with the SS but telling me it's my choice to eat and to eat sensibly but.......you'd love to be there eating in my place!lol
correct .............. but i m saying do not eat xxx

conferences come and go

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