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Please Help Me!


I am currently doing WW ProPoints, I have lost 11.5lbs in 13 weeks but I havent been able to make Weigh In this week and I am off to France next week so I cant WI either.

I started off well (started on 18th May 2011) but from the start of June until now I have been stuck at more or less the ame weight and its really getting me down. Im not at my healthy BMI range or anything, Im 5"10 and weigh 13st 1lb.

I cant try any harder- I have done everything properly and im running out of ideas :( it was my 21st on Friday and im now struggling to get back on track as I know its not working.

I dont know whether or not to change schemes, im limited through money and I also have IBS so some things dont agree with me- I just have no idea what to do!


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Hi Ruth, I can well understand your desperation as I am in the same situation. My weight has been stuck since Xmas and even tho' I lost 6lb the first week of changing my calorie intake it then stuck again. Have now resorted to switching to WW and just hope that will do the trick.
So all I can suggest is that you do try another diet regime and hope it will kick things off again for you.
Wish you all the best .... :)
Thanks Emmaline!

I had a big think about it and I'm going to try the simply filling part of the ww programme. I'm also changing my WI to a Tuesday morning to see if it helps!

My head state isn't good though and I really need to sort myself out!

Hope you're ok and that ww works for you!

Hey we are the same height :)

Have you tried coming off of a diet for a week or so then going back on it? Sometimes this can boost metabolism I'm not saying binge every day just chill out stop counting the points ?!?
How about exercise?are you doing any? If you love ww diet try talking to ur leader go back to basics are you 100% counting everything?? We all have blips Hun xxx

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (24.08.11-12 stone 10) 79lbs lost 25lbs to go!!
I was in the exact same situation when I done WW.

Have you ever tried Slimming World? I did WW first and did lose but found being limited to a certain amount of points a day really difficult at times and then I just hit a wall.

The reason I suggest Slimming World is because there is a plan called Extra Easy where you have no limits to what you eat, within reason, so your body is never 'starved' of calories therefore it wont keep hold of what you already have. You can only get out what you put in and I found that being able to eat more of the right stuff really boosted my weight loss.

Have a look into it x

Believe it or not I've decided to join slimming world from September :) think it will definitely help me along and I will be doing extra easy :) I did SW a year ago but had medical problems so stopped. Can't wait to get back to it! Thanks so much for your advice! Hopefully it will kickstart me and I'll get losing again!

My WW leader told me there was nothing else she could do! I wax doing everything correctly!

Good to hear!

Just goes to show that WW isn't for everybody, where as I don't know anybody who has had the same problems with SW. Its so versatile. Good luck on your journey, if you need any advice just ask :) x x x

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