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Please help - STARVING!

Hi everyone,

I am soooooo hungry today, despite having a tetra and 2 = 1/2 litres of water since arriving at work (just over 2 hours ago), i still feel like I need to eat something!

This is on the back of my weigh in last night (2nd week), so expecting a good one and got.......1lb loss - WHAT???!!

I'm aware that my hunger this morning could be me trying to sabotage myself by thinking 'well I stuck to it last week and only lost 1lb, so it won't hurt to have a bit of chicken/ham etc' , but I am so determined to stick to SS this week so I can see a good loss next week (don't even want to think about what I'll be like if I don't lost next week though!!).

Does anyone else have days like this, and if so, how do you beat it?


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Munchkin - i'm soooo feeling the same as you. The hunger is my shadow and i just can't shift it (have a seperate thred re 2nd week of SS)
Just drink the water and try not to think of food. You gotta overcome the cravings like moi :eek:(
Keep going as you ca see by my tracker I came off it last week and gained 4lb thinking I could loose by eating helathy lol i was so fed up when I got on the scales and saw my bm nearly hitting the 3 stone mark it has made me more determind at least you are at work I am a childminder and have temptation around me all the time get a hot drink and relax. YOU CAN DO IT:)


MUST get a grip
Do not let the chatterbox convince you that eating will make it all better - it doesnt!!!!!!!

I had a sts week, kept going and 7lbs the following week.

You are and will have weeks and days with fat cells emptying the fat and re-filling with water instead, this soon gets dispelled but sometimes can take a bit longer than a week.

FACT: this diet works but only if you do it properly, you have to keep going you have done the hardest bit and just think if you give up you'll never know wat you could of lost!
Thanks Ladies,

I am definitely going to keep at it! Just glugged some more water and I'm counting down the time until 1 o'clock when I can have a bar for lunch - for the first time, yay! :eat:
I found the Bouillon was a fab in-between meal filler - I was having one a day from day 1.

Also many thinks can effect your weight loss each week, eg: TOTM, irregular bowel movements (most polite way I could think of putting it), water retention, 22,000,000 gallons of water each day.

Keep up the good work and remember we are supposed to lose a stone a month - so next week is bound to be better.

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