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please help


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well it depends if you are going to do LL when you are away? I am going on holiday in 4 weeks time and I am still debating what I will do as I live for my hols each year and just think i will be miserable on ll during it, however I think I am going to give it a try as at least I will be giving it a go. I think I read somewhere else that people were putting on like a stone in 2 weeks and that was only what they would consider normal eating. Just think how much you will be giving up if you stop now as you will have to go back to scratch once you are back. Easier said than done I know - I too am facing the same challenge soon..

Good luck with your decision - let us know what you decide.

paula 36

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Thanks Honey Its For A Week I Was Going To Just Eat Do You Think Thats Bad.i Was Going To Get Back On The Following Day.what Will My Counciller Say Any Ideasxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hey Paula

I think of course she will try and talk you out of it - mines is already doing that and saying that by the time I go in 4 weeks time that she will have convinced me not too - its just to hard to contemplate going on a much waited for holiday and living on shakes for all time. Its prob even harder for you going all inclusive. That would be a killer

How much have you lost so far? Do you really want to put on a large chunk of what you have already lost and then have to start again to go back into ketosis again? its such a hard decision. Maybe if you wanted to eat then you could do the packs during the day and try to eat a little in the evening like salad and protein, that may help you try and stay a little stable.

I just know its gonna be hard for you , I am not looking forward to it either but I guess it just depends on how gutted you would be to come back and have put on a substantial amount and have to go through those first few days of getting back on it - I know I never want to repeat those times again!

Let me know how you get on and what you decide. We are both at about the same point so lets try and cope together

I have no idea where all this strength is coming from at the mo as if you read my other thread you will see that I am very very close to chucking LL in!

Allan G

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Hi Paula,
I went to spain last year for two weeks after getting rid of 3 stone, the first couple of days were fine then i let my hair down, took everything to excess, in two weeks i managed to gain 16lbs, oops, it took me a further month to shift it again, it is too easy to let your guard down when you are abroad ;)

paula 36

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the problem ive got is were emergrating in 5 weeks so was coming off in a month as meals with familys etc.I am going to start again in oz but wanted to loose as much as i could b 4 i go.Ive lost 21 in 3 weeks pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help.
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hi Paula
I went on holiday wen I was about 6 weeks in to LL and my counsellor suggested just haveing an evening meal and doing the packs for the other meals and thats what I did and lost 3lbs! It wasnt all inclusive though that would have been hard I think, having said that you could stick to atkins principles or the Cambridge diet add a meal week that gives you guidlins on what to eat. Do you think you could just eat protein and salad or do you think you would have to go the whole hog? (sorry about the pun)
hi thanks for your reply i am such a pig and i luv my alchol but i am going to try and stick to shorts.Im going say lunchtime do you think i should have a chicken breast and veg tommorrow night b 4 i goxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Just one day at a time
I am going to Italy (home of food.......) in 4 weeks and then on a cruise in August. I am going to eat an evening meal and have no carbs...........i hope i am anyway LOL

Good luck and have a lovely time.
hi thanks i dont know whether you read the bit about me emergrating the first week in july so the week b 4 i will be eating out with family all week.But i am going to do cambridge in australia.Have a lovely time in italyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cherry Plum

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Hi Paula, we are hoping to get a last minute holiday in July & I think I will probably take my food packs with me but eat normal food in the evening. I will eat chicken or fish with a salad. That is the plan if it is self catering.
If we end up all inclusive it may be a bit different, I will definately be careful, but may want to eat at lunch time also.
Anyway good luck with your decision & have a good holiday.
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So you can get Cambridge in Oz? I know you cant get LL as I have a friend out there and she is so desparate she considered getting of Ebay. Apparently its hell being overweight in Oz because they dont have the big gals shops so clothes are a nightmare for her, she fills a suitcase with Inspire and evans stuff she buys when she comes over, so there another incentive for you to get the old fubber off!
Where are you going to in Oz , she lives in Perth , and its very hot!
x carole


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Hi Paula, just wrote a long reply and I lost it!!

Just got back from 3 days in Amsterdam and I tried to be good and stick to packs but it was pretty impossible!! but I did make sure that what I ate was healthy and I stopped when I was full and really appreciated the food a lot more.

I feel like our LLC says that if we eat we move the goalposts so if it takes me a couple more weeks to get to where I want to be, I'm fine with that.

I walked for miles so am hoping I balanced things up!!

Of course I may not be so positive after I step on the scales tonight!!

Hi Paula,

Remember that you are in control of what you put in your mouth and ketosis or no ketosis, you won't gain weight unless you overeat or 'overdrink'!!

It is possible to go away and still maintain your current weight or even lose a litte more. Food does not equal fat -too much food and alcohol does however :(

When I have eaten on this diet I have still managed to lose weight but I have eaten lightly and when choosing what to have I have always asked myself "Which feels better, eating a big plate of pasta and feeling bloated or having a little protein and salad and still enjoying the loose waist band on my skirt"? The answer has always been the same.

And just because you have liked to drink lots in the past doesn't mean you have to at this stage. Alcohol contains 'empty calories' so even if you drink lots but don't eat you won't put on weight but if you drink lots and then eat only a little you are likely to put on weight because your body will use the empty calories in the alcohol and store the food. Stored food equals fat :eek:

So you need to think choices and decide what you really want and the bottom line appears to be a choice between coming back larger than you went or else making different lifstyle choices and maintaining your new body.

Come on, you know that the new body feel better than any cocktail ever can!!


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Hi Paula, I came back from a 2 week hoilday one week ago. I mainly stuck to Salads and marinated chicken, although I did allow myself three 'eat-what-I like' meals of lasagne and fish and chips. It was funny because I really couldn't manage everything on my plate (a good side effect of LL I think). When I got back, I had my 'last supper' and went straight back to it the next morning. I put on 3 lbs in that 2 weeks and have gone on to lose 8 lbs this week. It can be done but you have to draw the line somewhere. You can go on holiday and still eat healthily, just give yourself the chance! Angela x

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