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please help

exante diet works on the premise of ketosis right? which is the same as the Atkins diet...so if I have fallen off the wagon (chicken,cheese, pepperoni) all things you can have on Atkins, then i wont have been kicked out of keto...? right or wrong?

please help, going through massive guilt and confusion and need some guidance!! :cry::cry::cry:
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thank god, getting into keto was horrific and i really dont want to go threw it all again!! just cracked and had to EAT SOMETHING! so tried damage limitation! thanks for getting back to me!


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cheese will keep you in keto but no too much though
Depends how much you ate, but if your daily calories are still low, and you are still ketosis it shouldnt stall things too much, but you are not going to lose weight if your calories are too high on a daily bases. This isnt Atkins its a very low calorie diet, dont think you can do both, is that what you mean?
i dont really want to do both, i loved atkins but need to shift pounds quickly so thats why i have resorted to this diet as i know it works quickly. was just hoping that becaus both diets work through ketosis that my slip up would not be to harmful...i didnt have a lot of cheese, about size of matchbox. instantly regretted it, just had to eat something. classic comfort eater, felt good at the time but racked with guilt now!!


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I've done the same, and it's definitely better to stick with the high protein, low carb options. I tend to go for some cold chicken / meat, but a small piece of cheese will be fine too (it's just trying not to get dependent on adding these bits!), but you should still be in ketosis and should see those pounds start to melt away :)
ah lovely, thats so good to know, i would rather have something small and stay in keto then a massive blowout and have to get back into it again!! i know its naughty but its so hard sometimes, being on this diet highlights how often i use food when i am stressed (often with a wedding and a degree) and bored! lol :O)
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Think i'm gonna go buy a chicken tomorrow and Boil it, take the skin off and chop it up...Think it will help some much with starting back on the wagon..OH will be away for a few ays, so hoping to get back into it 100%, can't keep doing this to myself..
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Oh the joys...I caved yesterday, livid with myself too. Been to cinema with kids, took my can of coke zero like a good girl, and had no problems. But then back home decided to myself that I needed carbs! It was like having an angel and devil on each shoulder. Didn't have a lot but will surely have kicked me out of K. Arrggghh. Just heading for a black coffee now. I know why it happened though...yesterday for the first time in 10 days I wanted to eat something so had a boiled egg in the morning and I was hooked. I just cant be trusted to eat it seems. Enuf!

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