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please please please help me stay on track


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so ladies im nightshift for the next two nights and last week when nightshift i screwed up big time - this fear = trying not to eat anything - which i know is the no1 thing not to do

please help me sort out things to eat tongt - im having tea (sf spag bol before i go) and got a quiche there - but its more snacking that gets me

im popping to shops later so all comment and suggest are more than welcome please
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If there is a morrisons near you they do eat smart crisps in mutipacks of 6. Onion rings are 1 1/2 syns; Bacon flavour waffles are 2 syns; Salt and Vinegar fries are 2 1/2 syns.

Quorn cocktail sausages are really good too which you can make up syn free dips or use syns on ketchup, mayonnaise.


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Right, lets get you packed off with a bag of goodies so that if you need to snack, it is the right sort of thing :) DO make sure you eat, the more good food you eat, the better your weight loss.

How about a selection of grapes/cherries/nectarines
Carrot sticks
Boiled eggs/ham/sliced chicken (depending on your plan)
Ryvita (as HE) if you need something savoury
Plenty of water - often confuse thirst for hunger

Which plan are you following and are you able to actually sit and have something to eat? Sorry not sure what you do so having a proper meal may be difficult.

Let me know and I'll think of some more ideas.

Well done on your amazing loss BTW! 45lbs is brilliant :D


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thank you soo soo much ladies - this is great - i do the EE plan - im a student nurse (qualify in 5weeks) - we get a long break 1.5 hours - but the ward im in its easy enough to snack througout the ngt if your hungry thanks you so much ladies - away to write this down xxx


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oh tangled up - there isnt a morrison but my parents have one in there town - mite get them to pick me up some - do they taste good - cant believe the low syns thts great x


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Oooooh! not long till you qualify Hun! Congratulations are in order. Will you be able to get a job? Your weightloss is impressive! There is always a stache of chocolates from grateful patients! So you don't have long to put up with night duty! (that would really tip my world upside down!) Could you pack up a potato salad (if you're on green or EE) or if you do red, take a pack of ham and just snack on that? It would have more food value , fill you up and you wouldn't need to use your syns.


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nope not long now hehe - job side isnt looking so good but i have a job on the nurse bank (kinda like relieve but plenty shift). this is an extra wkend on the auxiliary bank for holiday pennies and bcus i love wrking in the hospice.

Thanks for the tips judi - im all set for tongt and dinner is ready as i type - im actually excited about my food tongt

got carrot, pepper sticks, syn free quiche, savoury rice, fruit salad and some oatcakes as syns
If you can take lots of grazing type food ( not grass lol ! ) try to eat every coupleof hours through your shift if you can. Take loads of free foods, and I would suggest you fill up on the green plan foods like pasta , rice , etc. Drink at least 2 ltrs of fluid through thye shift ( take a bottle)

hope you do well. Shiftwork if not that much of a problem, but you need to be prepared BEFORE the shift. And take loads to eat.

Phil x

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