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  1. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

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    Hi everyone,
    i posted this on the msn addys link but thought it would be beneficial to post with its own thread.
    be very careful with ur bank information everyone.
    I have just reported 7 emails from bank asking me to update my account information before my account is terminated.
    DO NOT reply to these types of emails.
    if u receive any of these, contact ur bank as they will have an email address for u to forward it to as part of the ongoing investigations into such scams.
    So many ppl must fall for these scams so we need to make everyone aware that a bank/building society WILL NOT EVER ask anyone to give account information online.
    These scams can also be done over the phone.
    Should ur bank call u and ask for account information, scream a few obscenities and hang up, reporting the call immediately, (obscenity screaming optional but it is very beneficial to the wellbeing of the victim) lol.

    I know this is not in any way linked to dieting and weight loss but it is very important and i felt i needed to air it to as many ppl as possible.
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  3. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    Is it halifax??

    Cos OH had them too - and i know for a fact his email isnt on here so i dont think they are linked to minis - although had 3 contacts add me to MSN that were spammers which WERE from minis unfortunately xx
  4. kellymundy

    kellymundy Gold Member

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    I've had a fair few of these. I finally got fed up one day and filled out all the details using obcene words...I thought it was really clever considering most of it required me to make words out of numbers!:rotflmao:
    Funnily enough I didn't get any more!:D
  5. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    Thats brilliant kelly!
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  6. cherylxx

    cherylxx Silver Member

    CD sole source
    yes, in my case, it was halifax although i believe many banks are being hit by the same scam.
    if u receive any more Halifax scams please forward to [email protected]
    they will use the material as part of the ongoing investigations.
    For other banks just contact ur branch as they all have security investigations and need such scams to be sent to them.
  7. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

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    i'm forever getting these, from all different banks. I don't even open them, just report them as spam
  8. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    I've had one from the Halifax and I don't even bank with them. I never respond, but might do the "obscene filling in of information" if I get any more x
  9. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Good advice :clap:

    Do remove the subject line and replace it with 'Report' though, otherwise they could well delete it themselves :D
  10. Stacie86

    Stacie86 Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Yeah, get these all the time. Just delete them now.

    I always wonder about when banks etc. call you, most companies now ask for your DOB/postcode etc to confirm they are speaking to the right person, but hey they called me! I worry they are fishing for personal info, scammers are more intelligent than they used to be!
  11. to lose long trek

    to lose long trek Full Member

    Good advice here - thanks. Not troubled by this as yet but I have been getting e-mails suggesting I have won lotteries and the like; my ticket is a winner!!!!! I dont buy tickets at all for any lottery. Never used to get such stuff.
  12. Caress

    Caress Silver Member

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    I've been getting these for weeks, so far I've had them from Halifax (who I phoned to tell about them, cos I bank with them and they told me to just delete it, cos they were aware of the problem), HSBC and RBS. I just bounce them back to the sender and block the sender
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