Please send me some good vibes

Hello all.
I have a long awaited appointment with my GP this Thursday to see if I can start Lipotrim. I know the flavours and choice on LT are much more limited on LT than CD, but to be honest I don't care. I like the fact that LT is recommended by the medical profession.
I phoned my dietician at the hospital and asked her her opinion of LT. She said she had never heard of it :confused: so I gave her LT's phone number and website details. She rang me back later on and said it was fine by her for me to do LT, but I would need my GP's permission. I am hoping my GP will give me permission as I posted on this site a couple of weeks ago that CD won't accept me with the medication I am taking for my diabetes. So it is probably the same with LT. Either I will come off the medication or will be having to check my blood sugars several times a day.

Anyway, please please send me some good vibes for Thursday 7th at 3.30 ish :) because I so need to do a VLCD. I am very inactive. I weighed 192 kgs at my hospital appointment last July and the Consultant suggested surgery but mostly food is not the problem. Inactivity is. I am in bed most of the time. I haven't even sat in my living room for the last 3 months because I can't fit in the armchair and if I get wedged in I can't get up from the armchair without one of my daughters pulling me up. I don't have the strength to heave myself up.:eek: I think the various tablets I take for this that and the other all have side effects of weight gain, which is why I need something done soon. I must be at least 31 stone by now, and seem to feel heavier day by day. Surely my GP can't refuse me permission. What do I have to do to let him know how upsetting this all is. Reach 34 stone, 36 stone or what. I am 52 years old and all this weight is no good for me. I can hardly walk, it's like I do pigeon steps to walk side to side instead of one foot in front of the other. I feel so embarrased when I do venture out, having to ask the bus drivers to lower the step so I can board the bus. People actually offer up their seats to me so I must look in a bad way.

How much do the medical profession know about LT? I hope my GP has heard of it and I don't have to wait weeks whilst he tries to find the time to look it up. I need to start this asap.

Phew, that is a weight off my chest. This post was as much to sound off as to ask for the vibes.

I wish each of you good wishes for your dieting journey, and you are all to be admired for sticking at it. I know it can't be easy, but you have the successes in the past weeks and the intentions to carry on to goal.
Hi Lady in London.. it's good to hear from you again:) Please come on here to sound off any time... we're here to listen and support you in any way we can:)
You have all of my support honey and I'm sending you loads of positive vibes for Thursday. I do hope your doctor manages to sort this all out for you soon.

Please let us know how you get on.

Much love xxxxx:)
Hi Ya Lady in London

Is it ok If I pray for you on thursday? Im not high up in good vibes but Im good at prayer.
Hi ya Lady,

Sending good vibes and positive thought your way today. From experience GP do know about LT but some need to be reminded!! My sister was on medication for Diabetes and a coagulation problem. Her GP supported her and she lost over 6 stone on Lipotrim, stopped her diabetes medication and her BP came down to normal levels. Since stopping four months ago she has put only 6lbs on. Her BMI was well over 40, it still needs to go further but she is having a well earned break for now. It is worth going to the lipotrim site and printing out some info for him.
Best of luck.

dear pam ,would it be alright if i pray for you on thursday as well. my heart goes out to you pam , but there has to be a light at the end of this dark tunnel for you .so i will pray for a positive answer from your gp for you and for him not to drag his heels with the that you can start walking in good health again :) :)
with lots of love barbara () () xx
Hello Lady from london,

Good vibes coming down the line to you. I have lipotrim from my gp. Only been on the program for 2 weeks, well I'm in my third week now. I have lost 17 lbs. I get weighed at the drs, my bp taken and lipotrim send the shakes to the surgery so I pick them up there. My own gp didn't know a great deal about it, but elsewhere in the practise did, I had never heard of it until he suggested I give it a try.
Good luck and don't you give up trying for what YOU want.

Hi Lady in London,

There is two programmes with Lipotrim the first one which was developed is the hospital programme which is what was introduced and has been used for years to help patients reduce weight and it was so successful that they then developed the Pharmacy Programme.

I have done the Pharmacy programme for seven months and lost five stone on it...I seem to be one of those who is a very slow loser, but at least the weight is coming down and I switched over to Cambridge Diet as I found it hard to stay on the programme and CD offerec from flexibility and I spent a few months slip, sliding all over the place and I am now back SSing and doing well.

The Lipotrim Programme is kept deliberately boring in order to give you a break away from food and cut the addiction you may have to food. I have to say I found a great freedom in this myself. You have a choice of strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and chicken soup and after three weeks your chemist will allow you to have a bar called flapjacks...they taste and look like carpet tiles and I did not like them at the start as but over the months I grew to like them and found it great to have something to chew.

Because of your weight your doctor will need to give you a good going over and you would have to do this before starting any other diet as well.

I never had high blood pressure but with the added weight it had gone up in recent years and I know my own doctor was so surprised to see within a couple of months I had become 'text book perfect' this was enough to changed her mind about vlcd's.

The diet is tough and especially tough in the first few days going through carb withdrawal, you can avoid the withdrawal by cutting down now on carbs and increasing your water will help you get into ketosis quicker and prevent much of the discomfort.

Fingers crossed that your doctor gives you the go ahead. In the event that he does not, do not lose heart for you can choose one of the programmes that CD do and still lose weight on it. Some have done this, lost weight and then when the doctor was happy with their stats they were allowed to do SSing.

Remember, where there is a will there is a way.:)

If you have Type II (mature onset) diabetes, your are probably on Oral Hypoglycemics?

If you are on Total Food Replacement also known as Sole lowers blood sugar levels and the combination with hypoglycemic medication could make the blood sugar level drop too low.

So it is up to your doctor to decide what is best for you and he will need to regular check your blood sugar level in the first few days of dieting and thereafter at weekly intervals so insure you are getting on okay.

Gout is another condition where a very low calorie diet produces a rise in serum uric acid levels during the first few weeks and this can lead to an acute attack of gout in known sufferers. Preventative treatment with an uricosuric agent would be given concurrently with the Cambridge Diet from the day of commencement.

I know of someone who has on the CD had gout and he got an attack as he did not have an attack of gout in years and failed to mention it. This person had to step down onto one of the programmes and take medication and was able to finish the diet and has done exceptionally well.

Diuretics is another thing your doctor needs to look at as again a vlcd brings about a natural water-loss effect, which can also occur with diuretics. The effect of the two together would not only cause too much water to be loss but could lead to dehydration and the loss of important body salt, like potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte that stimulates the muscle action and too much loss could effect the heart.

Your doctor will talk in more detail with you.

I found this report very good to read, for I believe in being well informed...

Reports on tasks

for scientific cooperation (SCOOP)

Task 7.3 – Collection of data on products intended

for use in very-low-calorie diets.

Report September 2002
by Marks and Schrijver.

Sending you my very best wishes Lady-in-London and loads of positive vibes.

You have come to a point in your life where you know things have to change and a VLCD could well be one of the best chances you have of that happening.

Remember, there is a degree of flexibility in the future once you feel secure SSing (if it's given the go ahead) in that that there is the option of moving over to CD if you want a wider range of flavours. For now though, a carefully supervised plan using LT sounds liike the lifeline you're looking for.

We're all here for you to cheer you on and support you in whatever path you embark upon.
Good luck Lady in London, I hope your GP gives you want you want/need. Please can you log back on and let us know the verdict?
Lady in London, my heart goes out to you. I send all the good wishes to you and hope that your GP can be helpful to you. If he does say no to LT then he needs to help you find an alternative. Try not to be fobbed off, maybe you could write down a similar letter to the post you have just done so he can see for himself how desperate you are. He can't leave you to go on as you are, he MUST help you. Thinking of you and wishing that all goes well. Love and Hugs
Oh, I have tears in my eyes! You are all so helpful, encouraging, it's really fantastic. Thanks so much for all of your words and best wishes. Special thanks for the weblinks which I will look at and print off.

I am particularly keen on LT as, and I know this may sound stupid, but some of you will understand, I am scared I may binge on the delicious CD products - that is something I may do because of the apparently delicious flavours.

So I believe I am better off having more bland flavours. Basically, as long as LT doesn't leave me feeling ravenous, I really don't care what they taste like. I would prefer them to be bland flavoured! The advice about possible gout and other complications was useful. I just feel also that my GP would monitor me more willingly and carefully with LT rather than CD, which I need because of my bad health. Also if I am his first patient to go on LT hopefully he will recommend it to others. If I succeed on this, I hope others can too.

I will definitely keep you posted on the Liptrim forum and will probably be posting on the WeMitts forum as well.
Hello Lady in London

I really hope your GP will be able to find a way to help you.

I had read something about the condition called ketoacidosis and was concerned that this could happen to me on the LT plan. It is a very serious condition when the blood turns acid and it can be fatal.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and so I asked the Doctor who is helping me with my weight loss about it.

He told me that it is something that happens to people with diabetes and that is why LT is not suitable for them.

I think I have also seen this information on the official Lipotrim website.

If I were you I would log onto the website and print off this information when you go to see your GP.

I really don't know enough about the ketoacidosis issue, only what I have mentioned above. It is best that you start the plan knowing that your health is not going to suffer or that the LT programme causes any complications with you being diabetic. It does say on the LT website that LT is an ideal treatment option for hypertensive patients and those with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).

I wish you all the very best and hope that you will get some support - there is a new drug to help obesity now called Accompli I think. You can look it up on the internet and mention this to your GP if you felt you needed to.

Please keep in touch with us all - we're here to help. See additional info about NIDDM that I posted just now.

Marylyn xxx
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Hi Marylyn
Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a dangerous condition which is most likely to affect untreated (or poorly controlled) type 1 diabetics: it rarely occurs in type 2.

In type 1, the body doesn't produce insulin. So carbs (sugars) that are consumed aren't converted to energy. When the body detects that there's no insulin, it starts burning body fat for energy thinking that's what's needed BUT the sugar levels rise dramatically at the same time because they're not being utlised.

As the blood glucose level rises, the body tries to remove the excess glucose by passing it out in the urine. This leads to dehydration and increased thirst. Water is moved from all the body cells to try and dilute the level of glucose in the blood. As this happens, the levels of sodium and potassium (called electrolytes) in the body are affected too. This is what creates the condition DKA

Type 2 diabetes is different in that insulin is produced but may be of poor quality or the beta cells in the liver (which detect insulin) may be faulty. On a VLCD, the low amount of carbs helps lower the blood sugar levels because the insulin produced is sufficient to convert the small amounts of carbs in the diet: the difference in energy requirements is made up through ketosis where fat is metabolised instead of carbs.

Ketosis in itself isn't a dangerous condition and shouldn't be confused with DKA :)

Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

So endeth the Biology lesson for today! ;)
Thank you Debbie

I appreciate your post and I hope that the "London lady" is able to go on the LT programme.

Marylyn x
Hiya lady in London,
wishing you all the best for thursday...

I'm not sure how lipotrim works at the chemist, apart from you go there they weigh you and give you your packs for the week... was just thinking tho, if on the first visit they give you a form for your doctor to sign before you can get the packs, it may be worth finding out where the nearest chemist is to you who run the programme and give them a call. If they do need your doctors signature before you can start, then pop to them before thursday, so that you'll have the form all ready for your doctor to sign...:D

Just a thought!
Thanks Geri, but I think I will be weighed at the hospital as their scales go up to a high weight, my GP's scales only go up to 24 stones, and the chemist locally - their scales only go up to 24 stones. (Although it will only take a few months to get to that weight hopefully).
Thank you Russian Doll

I appreciate your post, and hopefully the London lady will be able to start the LT plan.

I don't know what type of Diabetes she has, but hopefully it is the type that is compatible with Lipotrim.

Hope you are doing well R Doll, and the programme is working well for you.

Marylyn xx
Sending my good vibes and best wishes to you too