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Please someone give me a good talking to...


Addicted to Minimins
Hello I have got my self in a real mess this week with my eating. I have done so well till this week and I have just lost it this week. I am having a really bad totm. Last week on the run up to my period I had the munches really bad and I put on half a pound. I didn't go to class because I couldn't face it then thought well seeming though I am not going to class I can afford to eat a bit more, big mistake. I have had domino's and Indian this week and when I weighed myself this morning I had put on 3Lbs. Now I am scared to go to group this week as I have put on weight again. I really badly want to lose weight and I don't know what has come over me this last week. I am scared of how I am going to cope at Christmas.
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S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi SOnban

I can see by your ticker you have lost over 60 pounds! WELL DONE YOU!!! Thats marvelous.

Please don't let this little set back get you down. And try and recognise it as just that: a little set back. 3 pounds? You wil have those off in no time!!! And don't shy awy from class. EVERYONE has had a bad week or two and done exactly what you have. They will be there for you. Thats the point after all, innit. Don't be ashamed. YOU ARE HUMAN. It's OK to slip. Just get back on that horse and get a firm hold on the reins, and you will be back in the saddle and in control.

You can do it - look what you have acheievd so far!!!!

I'm rooting for ya!!! you CAN do it!!!!!

Don't be "scared" hun, they won't shoot you! I suggest you go to class, don't shy away from it, cos things will only get worse. Get yourself weighed, and make a new start from the next day. It is only 3lbs, and after what you have lost so far that is just a drop in the ocean. We all have bad days, sometimes weeks, but we will climb back on whatever wagon we have been on, and carry on with the journey. Keep your chin up hun xxxx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Well done Sonban - that's the spirit!!!

Just remember you are not alone - we ALL slip now and again. The important thing is to get back on track, as you are going to do.

Continued success to you!!!


Queen of the Damned
Hey you

Looks like you have had some stellar advice, so I just wanted to say to keep on trucking and remember how far you have come. A blip is just a blip, don't let this make you doubt yourself and what you have achieved. :hug99:


Addicted to Minimins
Thank you ladies your all correct, I know it is just a blip. I have now come to my senses I got myself scared there for a minute thought that was it I had been sucked back into the bad food trap. I am not going there again I point blank refuse to be that big EVER again. So here I go again back, ready and raring to shift the next 6 stones.:)

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