Please tell me I'm not alone and there is a way out

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  1. Chitty

    Chitty Silver Member

    My Story is oh so familar...... I got down to 9stone 8lb in June now I'm 11stone 9lb........ I was 10stone 4lb before Xmas,,,,,....

    All I want to do it eat, it is making me really fed up, I feel ill half the time as well, I want the I can do it feeling again..... ever day I say I'll try again tomorrow and every day I given in again. I no I must have a couple of week pure SS to get back in my clothes again, but just need some help.

    I often read about what makes people eat, but would love to know what made you finally stop and SS...... What was the thing that gave you enough willpower to do it.....

    Love Chitty
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  3. LilacAngel

    LilacAngel Full Member

    Hmmm - Chitty..........if I could bottle and sell the feeling people get the first time around on a VLCD I would be very very very well off indeed!

    Okay - some questions for you to think about - Are you ready to shut the door on food for whatever time it takes? What do you want the food to do for you when you eat? What reasons have you got to continue eating? What reasons have you got to not?

    You don't have to share any answers - they are questions for you to ask and answer yourself.

    Another thing may help - pen and paper - two columns - one side all the reasons to get back on your Programme and all the reason not to on the other. Compare.

    It's a bit chicken and egg - get into ketosis with your lip sticking out and stamping your feet cos you know you'll feel physically better in about 4 days / get your head around not eating and set a date and time like............5pm on Tuesday (not the usual Monday morning I'll start againnnnnnn!) 5pm on Tuesday - packs and water in bed by 10pm and Day 1 is over !!! :eek:
  4. Chitty

    Chitty Silver Member

    Hi Thanks for that advice that is some thing I have never heard before... So you know what tomorrow I will do that, start the diet tomorrow at dinner time..... 1pm..... and yes I will write down the good and the bad points and I already know of course that the good points for not eating and SS are lots and the good points for eating are simply that I eat and that isn't good as I have been eating really bad...

    Thanks very much....
    I will take your advice and starting at lunch time and taking day one as half a day, may just work for me.

    Love and hugs.

  5. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Hiya Chitty

    To be able to sole source then you have to want to lose weight more than you want to eat, while you are "undecided" then you will always flit between the two, therefore ask yourself what you truelly want, if you do want to eat food then look at a Cambridge higher programme or something like Weightwatchers or Slimming World, if you truelly want to be slim then stick with the Sole Source program for a short period (you will be done in a few weeks) and then do the Cambridge maintenance.

    You are currently in SSNML as I call it (Sole Source No Man's Land) where you are aren't doing either and hence you are beating yourself up.

    So my advice is make a decision on which you are doing and then move on and do it, that way are in control and the cause of what you decide to do.

  6. The Vicar

    The Vicar Member

    That's me in SSNML, managed day and half and have just had a cereal bar and packet of crinkleys!!!!! Why!!!!!
    I need to have a look through my cd books maybe ss just isnt for me at the moment, perhaps i should start higher up and work my way down to ss. Just that I know ss is great when you are in the zone, results are amazing. I'm going to go home tonight and have a good think about it and make a decision and stop messing myself about! THE ONLY PERSON I AM MESSING AROUND IS ME!!!!!!!
  7. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!

    I had a lady (she used to post on here infact) who was doing SS for about 4 months and lost virtually nothing, i desperately tried to get her to move onto 790 but she was having none of it as she wanted to lose it quickly and SS was the way forward.

    Anyway one appointment I asked her what programme she was doing for the next week and she said SOLE SOURCE, I said "Are you sure?" she said "YES" , I said "BUT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE SOLE SOURCE?", she looked confused, then she realised what I meant.

    Anyway she moved onto 790, she then went on to lose 7 stone in 6 months on 790 and stuck to it to the letter, it was the diet for her as she wanted that little evening meal but still wanted great losses.

    Never see SS at the only diet you can do and never see a higher programme as a sign of defeat, if you are struggling on sole source and not doing it then do 790 instead, the losses are virtually the same and it works fantastic !

  8. louisa26

    louisa26 Full Member

    Hi Chitty, I will leave the advice to the councillors, but just wanted to say your story is extremely familar and now you have found minimins you most certainly NOT alone...

    We are here for YOU. We'll all support each other and do the journey together!
  9. Chitty

    Chitty Silver Member

    Thanks to you all, you are all giving me really good advice. I do want to be slim more than I love food and I will win. I wanted to stop smoking more than I wanted to smoke and it is 6 years now since I stopped so I know I can do this and keep it off, I just need help from you all. I want to eat like a human and not a pig. I am honest with myself and know why I gain weight.....

    I will have a good chat to myself this evening and see what tomorrow will bring.

    Love to you all. and thanks.
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