Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!


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think i gained bout 4 ish, so bout on par with you hun xxx


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If you think its was just because of drink and not food, then maybe you need to drink alot of water over the next few days, and I bet that weight will come off :))

When we drink too much alcohol, our bodies hold on to water. Its easily fixed by flushing it out with water.


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i gained 3lb hun, a lot of people have back on proper diet today altho im struggling dad just opened this gorgeous marks and spencer's iced christmas sponge. awwww


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i had my WI too and gained 5lb ....gggrrrrrrrrr but as it was fast to go on i reacon it will come off in no time .. and i enjoyed every mouthful year new you ..we can do this !!! xxx


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I will be weighing in new years day thinking with all the lager and pastries and scotch egg and crisps over last few days will have gained about 4lb


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i gained 4 hon


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Hi guys, well i haven't been to class for a few weeks but going tomorow so i will let you know the damage tomorow. I think it will be a good 7 or 8lbs though. Who cares, it is a new year and lets all start fresh x


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Just back from class and I gained 1.5lb so I was happy with that as I had 'ate what I wanted'
Starting new plan from Friday and will give it 4 days before next weigh in although I think it will be a bit too restrictive for me as a vegetarian and I usually use my 2 A's.


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well i weighed myself this afternoon in boots as i just had to know before weigh in tonite, their scales said 4lbs on so really did not want to pay £4.50 to be told that at class. i thought i would get a copy of the new plan at class so made myself go and SW scales say i only gained 2.5lbs. so moral of the story is that you may not have as big a gain as you think, so put on a brave face and face the music.