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please tell me theyll shrink a bit


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Hi guys,
I need to know that my boobs will go down with the rest of me. I have always had a well endowed top half but as the rest of me is starting to melt away my boobs look even bigger. In fact They would give Jordan a run for her money and mine are real:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:. I feel so top heavy. Has anyone else had this problem or will it eventually even itself out? I hope so otherwise I'll probably walk like a hunchback lol
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I will get to goal .....
Very funny indeed ....

I was looking very top heavy myself the first few weeks on CD. My bottom half shrunk much quicker than the rest, but I'm pleased to report that the last week the top half has started to catch up!!

I now have (what I consider to be) saggy boobs .... empty sacks of not a lot :(. My 34DD bras are now very loose, catches on the tighest hook and baggy cups. But I'm very reluctant to go bra shopping until I'm down at goal!!

Happy shrinking!!!


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I might disappoint you here but I've gone UP cup sizes since losing weight

I used to be a 42DD now I'm a 38F :eek: :eek: :eek: so although my back size has decreased my cup size has increased. I'm not happy about it though, I know a lot of women would kill for bigger boobs but I'd be really happy with a C or D cup at the most.

Lisa Marie

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My cup size has stayed the same but I'm in a 36 now instead of a 38. My hips and tum are the biggest part of me and they don't seem to be going down.


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I don't want my boobs to shrink, they're not that big to start off with! (42B):ignore::(
Mine have shrunk - or so a very kind friend told me yesterday! I didn't particularly want to lose fat from there, I have plenty of other places in more urgent need to fat-busting.
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Dancing is right hun, the lady in M&S told me that someone of a bra size 34C could easily get away with a 36B (so a cup size smaller but a back size bigger). I have gone from a tight 36F to a 34F in a week (I was a 38 a week earlier!!) but my cup size has not changed.

According to this lady, if you are on a weightloss programme and are wearing the correct size bra, you should generally find that it is the inch (back size) that you need to drop and not your cup size as it is your girth you are losing weight from, not your breasts. However, she said that if you aren't wearing the correct bra size at the moment (for example you are someone wearing a 34C when really you should be wearing a 36B) then you will find that as you lose weight you will feel that the cup is too big- the back size will still drop but the cup will too, where it shouldnt.

She did say that the only people this may not apply for are people who have had children and then lose weight, or for those who are morbidly obese for whom their breasts are mostly fat which the body uses up during weightloss. Those on the more overweight side of obese shouldnt generally have this problem according to her and may at most drop 1 cup size, whilst those with more to lose can drop more.

Hope this is helpful xxx
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for those who seem to have gone up in cupsize and down in inches, the only explanations are that you were wearing the wrong size bra before (ie you should have been a 38G but were actually wearing a 40F) or the age-old problem that when your bra is too big you go to buy a new one but it is cut differently, manufactured by a different brand etc as for me I vary depending on where I shop and who the bra is made by- like with normal clothes! xx