Pleeeese HELP, I need you!

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  1. now i'm 30

    now i'm 30 Full Member

    Can anyone please help me.
    I haven't lost any weight for 2 weeks or inches and I feel really gassy. Not been to the loo properly :sick0019:for about a 10 days despite laxative, lactulose, physillium husks and supostiary (sp?). Thought things were on the move yesterday a bit but now nothing except gurgling. Even got painful trapped wind by my ribs.
    I'm not hungry, I'm drinking 3 1/2 litres a day but STILL NOT LOSING.
    Anyone else had this happen pleeeeeeeeeese help
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  3. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    It sounds like you need to go the Dr honey. You might be impacted and need some official intervention. I believe Brightness recommends something called Movicol but not absolutely sure. What did your pharmacist suggest??
  4. WannaBeSlim

    WannaBeSlim Full Member

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    Sounds quite painful Katie .. are you eating a lot of bars? If yes, try to cut them out until your symptoms ease. Some people find it hard to digest them and they can cause wind ..

    Have you spoken to your CDC and asked him/her for advice .. maybe try some peppermint tea to help with digestion

    Hope this help

  5. Ceri

    Ceri Full Member

    cambridge diet
    You poor thing. I would definitely say that it is the toilet issues that is masking weight loss.
    Go to quacks to get sorted and see how you feel afterwards.
    Good luck
  6. Princess Boo

    Princess Boo Full Member

    Cambridge Diet (first day 05/06/07)
    Go to the docs you poor hunny!! :(
  7. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    Movicol is wonderful stuff - we use it when patients become impacted as you can take up to 8 sachets a day!! It works - but not explosively!!

    ps - you can buy it at a pharmacy if you're having trouble getting to a Drs, they keep it behind the counter so will ask why you want it - dont be embarrassed (sp?!), longest I've known a patient not go was 28 days (ow!) so your 10 days isn't bad by any stretch.. Movicol will sort the problem out over the next couple of days, promise!! Doesn't taste that good - as you're not in ketosis with your BMI you might want to mix some squash with it to mask the taste a little!

    Good luck!!
  8. now i'm 30

    now i'm 30 Full Member

    AHH Thanks for all your advice.
    When I went to the pharmacist she was really rude to me and looked down her nose for being on this diet even though I explained I was having physillium. In desperation I brought a box of All Bran as I know this usually helps - only had it with water not milk and made sure it was the same amount of cals as in a cd drink, followed it up with 3 perdium this morning and physillium. Fingers crossed, think I'll stay in by the loo tonight thou :eek:.
    Just a question how much do you pass, as I'm wondering if maybe I'm expecting to pass more than I've made? But I do know it shouldn't be painful to go so. Anyway, weird telling you all my inner most workings or not as the case maybe.
  9. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers Wants to be a yummy mummy

    Blimey - that was one unprofessional pharmacist.. You were unlucky babe... I would try another pharmacist if I were you!
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