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Point taken


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Well, i've just proved a point. Can't muck about on diets. I put on half a pound last night (* week - but still - not really an excuse). I have been messing about and it's not on.

I'm drawing a line and starting again.

Fresh start today! I need to get a wiggle on if I want to show my legs this summer!!

All the best everyone!!
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that's the spirit hun :D l am tracking every little thing so l see exactly what lm eating good results for both of us next weigh in
I know how you feel, except Ive been off the wagon for 4 weeks, eating pretty much what I wanted. It stared on my birthday and I have only just jumped firmly back on the wagon. Weigh in at class tonight firsy time in a month to see what the damage is. I am dreading it so much as I know it aint gonna be pretty!! Oh well at least Im back on the wagon now, would be a shame to stay naughty after losing so much!! Nerves are shot!!!! :O(
Oh my god cant believe it! I have somehow only put half a blinkin pound on! I have been really good since sunday but honestly in my wagon fall break I ate whole dominos pizzas twice, chinese, birthday cake, easter eggs ... The list goes on! I reckon I had put on about 6 pounds and have lost 5 and a half this week. Theres no other explanation!
Made up tho. Sooo much better than I thought! Phew! Sticking right on plan now like a saint! xxx


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I gained 1.5 lbs from friday-monday at Butlins. I wasn't pointing, although i was eating what i thought would maintain my weight but obviously not!
Have been good since tuesday and 2lbs seems to have gone so hopefully by tuesday WI id have still lost the 2lbs or maybe even 1lb more, i'll be chuffed. I only usually lose 1lb a week, maybe eating what i ate kickstarted the weight loss this week i dont know? lol
Ah thanks honey! I know I was thinking that myself, bargain for half a point! Just wish I hadn't blown myself up with my apologetic monologue to the leader before I stepped on the scales, could have gotten away with it too (if it wasnt for those pesky kids!!) ha ha ha. :O)


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I went off track for 3 weeks, luckily i STS for two weeks and lot a 1lb last week (haven't a clue how!) i just though to myself, ahhh flip! going to put a line under the whole of April and give me a big push for May! :) everyone has off, days/weeks/months (in my case haha) :D good luck with next week :) xxx

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