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Polenta dumplings

hi all
I have been looking for a recipe for polenta dumplings and cant seem to find one that uses the ready made polenta, they seem to require some kind of ground polenta :confused: can we have the ground polenta? if so where would i buy it ?
Or ... seeing as my stew is bubbling away in the slow cooker as we speak, does anyone know a polenta dumpling , or any othe rlow syn dumpling recipe, as i would really like some with my yummy stew :eek:)
thanks all
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The ground polenta is usually called cornmeal. I pick it up at Tescos because they have a caribbean section although you may be able to fine it with the pasta and rice!
The raw polenta/cornmeal is syn free unless it is used as a flour substitute, the ready made or 'block' polenta is not free, as I believe it contains oil and possibly other non free ingredients.

You should be able to get the ground stuff in most supermarkets - either with the rice and pasta or the pulses. I often struggle to find it but when I ask it's always there!

Hope that helps :)
I've just checked my book and it's definitely free! What you saw must be should count when you use it as a flour substitute. I didn't realise you could get a free ready made one they always used to be synned. I might have to get some, thanks!
Hi hun
i dont mean to be a real pain in the butt, but ive just checked my book and it says * if ground OR used as a flour substitute it has a syn value, so i take that as meaning both ground AND flour substitute has syn value


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Sainsbury's stock the Merchant Gourmet variety (grains) and that's free on green x
You aren't being a pain! :) You made me wonder after that, but the Merchant Gourmet one is definitely free. I think the ground refers to things like Rice - since you can get ground rice and rice flour. The dry polenta isn't ground as such. It's all a bit confusing really!
This board is so great, we can all keep an eye on each other to make sure we dont sabatage ourselves without knowing.. or miss out on great things because we think we cant have them.. thanks :eek:) cool , will have to get some of the merchant gourmet one to try now i know its free, what sort of things do you make with it then ? any tips much appreciated.


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I'm trying to perfect a pizza style base, it's still in the prototype stages lol (was nice and quite caky though so not an entire waste of time :)) x


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It's deffo free. This is from the SW Four Seasons cook book....fairly recent & it's syn free. Really tasty aswell.

Also thought if cooked really thinly it might make a nice pizza base, although I haven't tried that yet!!

Chilli corn bread


fry light
250g/9oz fine polenta
1 tsp baking powder
salt & pepper plenty of it!
4 large eggs lightly beaten
300g/11oz very low fat natural yogurt
275g/10oz canned sweetcorn kernals drained
2 mild green chilli's deseeded & finely chopped
200g/7oz bottled roasted red peppers in brine rinsed drained & finely chopped
6 spring onions finely sliced

preheat the oven to 170/gas 3 spray a 20cm/8in baking tin with fry light.
Mix together the polenta & baking powder & season well.
In a jug combine the beaten egg & yogurt & pour into the polenta mixture, add the sweetcorn, chillies, red pepper & spring onions & stir lightly to combine.
Pour the batter into the flan dish & bake in the oven for 35-40mins until firm & lightly browned on top, cut the warm bread into squares or slices & serve immediately.


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That sounds gorgeous! :drool: I'll be having a whirl on that at the weekend, bet it'd be heaven with a quorn curry x

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