Poll: How much exercise are you doing?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by reshmus, 18 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. reshmus

    reshmus Member

    Just wondering.
    I am on week 7 right now and I am trying to do 30 mins of cardio twice a week and trying to get to yoga twice a week.

    (Not been successful this past week though :D:D)
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  3. ladylite

    ladylite Gold Member

    Slimming World
    I know the weather puts anyone and everthing off.

    I am not doing too much at the moment, but I walk to town 3 times a week 10mins each way, and help muck out the ponies. I have a mini trampoline in the loft, which I am hoping to get out if I can find it - you should see my loft.
  4. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    body balance 2x week (pilates yoga mix)
    aqua class 1x week
  5. leesy

    leesy Full Member

    I didn't do much at all on abstinence, tried to walk as much as possible, and the odd run here and there. Now I have started RtM though I have decided to pick up the pace alot to get my body toned and fit.

    I do yoga, netball, spinning and running every week - and I want to try Body combat too. I am trying to do something at least each day to keep my body burning, and tone my saggy muscles lol!

    Wouldn't recommend that much on abstinence though, you are not getting the calorie intake to allow for too heavy a workout schedule.

  6. Sam

    Sam Banned

    I try to work-out as often as I can. Unfortunately I am not able to exercise every day because of work, but I really enjoy jogging. Well, but it is a pity that it gets dark so early, because I don't really like jogging all alone in the dark. Can't wait for longer days in summer :)
  7. ChubLock

    ChubLock Silver Member

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    Erm, I'm trying to up my walking - I'm a right lazy bum so this is a biggie for me. I'd love to buy a bike but I don't know atm! I've also got a salsa class on monday night, swimming on wednesday and clubbing on a friday!
  8. Amanda34

    Amanda34 Full Member

    I have my personal trainer 2x per week for cardio and toning and I swim a mile 4x per week (one day off :))!
  9. Alibongo

    Alibongo Happily pro pointing!

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    Lighter Life
    I walk 50 mins per day taking my DD to school and picking her up.
    I have a cross trainer, which I try to do 10 mins per day, but don't always do it, usually do at the weekend though.
  10. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

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    Whilst in abstience I've been doing the following:

    Mucking out horse and other yard duties - 1 hour per day 7 days a week
    Tues - Pilates
    Sat - 2 hour riding plus 1.5 hour dog walk
    Sun - 2 hour riding, or if competition then up to 5 hours riding

    In the summer (when the clocks go back so I can see!) I will be doing the above with the addition of

    Tues/Wed/Fri - 40 min run a day (to the stables and back in the morning)
  11. Ajax

    Ajax Finally...Life begins

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    I walk my dogs for about 30-40 minutes aday but walk to I am breathless. this is something that I have only just recently done, it was usually my hubby that done that part. I am looking at joining a a dance mat class thats been advertised locally, think that could be a great laugh - does anyone do one already? I just think of my old matt i used to have with my old playstation 1, but the exercise is always good i think! Looking at joining the gym in a few stones time. I also go swimming but i cant really count that as exercise because im usually too busy chatting and we end up in the spa gossiping!!
  12. jowray100

    jowray100 Member

    lighter life
    i run 4 miles 3 times a week i also swim once a week and do a spinning class. if you have the energy i don t see why not to ive lost 48 lbs in 11 weeks. i see ll as a life style change
  13. annie_d

    annie_d Silver Member

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    Oh Dear, now i do feel bad!
    I do nothing. Run around a lot at work but just daily activity, nothing else. I should do more but i know i wont. Maybe when the sun comes i can do some walking!
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