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Poll of favourite savoury flavour

Poll> Which one is your favourite savoury flavour meal?

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Leek and potato - definately!!

Although i posted this poll, i can not vote yet as i have only had three of the six flavours so far.
I dont know yet!!! ive only had four lol. Up to now I like them all, loved the broc and cheese and the banana, so will try them for a few more days then do the poll.
Toots, i like your ticker.
Lynne x
Thanks xx

I think I've tried every single flavour in the CD range and the majority I tolerated at first and I hated the tomato soup - but your taste buds change and now I love the tomato (but obviously not as much as the leek/potato)

So what may be your favourite now may not be a few weeks in ;)

Hmmmm... there doesnt seem to be an option for "I can't stand the savoury flavours" lol (or is that just me? hehe)
I'm just having my lunch. Leek and Potato soup. Really nice, its a bit thickly milky salty, but on the whole really nice. I bet its going to be quite filling as well. I put some pepper on the top and now my lips are burning lol, might take it a bit easier with the pepper pot next time lol.
Lynne x
I don't like any of the savoury flavours. I only like the choc mint and cappucino at a push - oh and the choc tetras. Strange as i have always been a savoury person x
It always makes me smile that different people like different flavours - I can't stand Leek and Pot and I am not sure about the veg or tomato but LOVE oriental chilli and chicken - especially if you muffinify the chicken soup - yum!!
Leek and pot! (well at the moment I go through fads)
Bump>>>for Newcomers to get an idea. This helped me so much when i started 19 days ago. Still going strong...

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