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Ponderings of a Piglet

Well i bore my family and work collegues to death,,,, so decided to babble on here .. sorry ..

So as of tuesday i have lost 1st 6lb ... i HAD got my 1 1/2 sticker but then hickuped ... but not too bad .. 1lb i can live with just...
This week i Maintained and this is a MIRICLE.. i was in a minor car accident (waked up the boot!) and had whiplash .. so follows 48hrs of sickness and nausia . and me eating a whole galexy easter egg and all the choc bars that came with it.. i also had some "madicinal" wine

So i am back on track :) but craving KFC.. so will have to do the syn free / low syn recepie off of here..
I feel great for losing this much... but i get married in 93 days... i want to be as near to 14 1/2 stone as poss.. but think a stone is too much in 3 months :( oh well.. i WILL get there one day :)

Sorry to bore you to death but hey :p
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Well faced the schales last night and LOST A POUND :) i am now 1 1/2 stone lighter than i was when i started :eek:) whooooop :) rather happy :) and have a good weeks food planned :) so all good.
Thanks Hennyhampster :) with regards to the accident.. my car is now in garage so for the mean while i am having the "slum" it in a brand new 10 plate vauxhall astra .. it is lovely.. but only a 1.4 petrol and i am used to a 1.9 tdi lolol.. but i will suffer... my neck is still sore .. not sure if this is normal 2 weeks after an accident.. so still poping pain killers.. off to see my doc tommorow or friday to be checked... great fun NOT.
Well thats it for this installment.. from a positive feeling happy piglet
Well, here we are Wednesday.. day after weighin.. i gained 1 1/2 lbs :( i am gutted.. i KNOW i did not have the best weekend.. but i did 2hrs walking and was good rest of the time... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg i think i am guna have to really sit down and re-read books and try to sort food more.... i seem to do better when i eat more? so guna try to make salads up for lunch along with my sarnies .. me needs to think hard on this.....
Oh well ... guna get back to walking @ lunch as well not weather is back n nice :)
Hope everyone is well and happy :)
Well i am back :) and i lost FOUR pounds this week.. OMG i feel amazing :) back to basics and really worked out ahead what i would eat :)
Have been eating more @ lunch times... and no disrespect to the cook.. but doing my own food @ home and taking it in, so i think this has helped lots :)
Overall rather proud of myself.. 1lb till my club 10 eeep :)
Well tonight i lost 1/2 and got my club 10 :) feeling rather proud ofmyself so have had a *treat* of chicken En crout.. as normaly avoid pastry .. but mmmmmmmm nice treat :) and was only on 3 syns so far today :)
People at work have actually commented that in the last week i look thinner (5 1/2lb in 2 weeks) so that has really made me happy.. and well lets just say my OH is happy :)
Well.. today i feel like c**p .. i gained a pound last night.. and i do not know how... i KNOW i had a meal out and a few chips.. but i was below syns on all the other days... my OH is telling me its cause i lost 5 1/2 in 2 weeks and my body has just had a flip out .. but i am soooo grrrrrrrrrrr i NEED to lose a pound a week to be at my semi goal for the wedding... now i need to work extra hard :(
To top it off OH has hurt his shoulder and WILL NOT get medical help.. he is not sleeping well cause of it.. hence me not sleeping well...
I am sat at work waiting for the phones to start up and all i wana do is go home... why is losing weight so darn hard?
i have brought my lunch in as ususal.. salmon with basmalti rice (the rice u do in micro and salmon i cooked at home)
My C wants me to do an SAS log.. so hopefully writting it all down will focus me more..
lost a pound tonight WHOOP :) back on track
Felt light i was naughty last night as made home made burgers (ex lean mince, egg and bread crumbs with worcester sauce and herbs) then put a mini baby bell light in the middle.. served with chips n onions OMG yummy :)
well .. me again.. gained last night but only 1.5 and with the week i had that is a miricle ... can i say I GET MARRIED IN 17 DAYS Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh My Goddddddddddddddddddd i am soooooooo excited / nervouse it is making me ill... and DEEP breath ... back on track after a week off the rails .. woohooo
Me again :) (now stop that groaning lol)

Well i darn dong gone and done it .. I GOT MARRIED :) been off for 2 weeks .. ist weigh in last night (missed 2) and i LOST 2 1/2 lb :) i am sooooooooooooo happy.. and i am 2lb off my 2 stone .. i WANT that sticker next week :)
Apaprt from that i am fine :) back on track and happy and actualy glad to be back @ group :)


Serial Foodie!
awww congrats on the wedding...and a good weigh in! :D i love group too... it really helps to keep ya going. good luck for your sticker xxxx
well i came out of club on a HIGH last night.. i lost 2lb and got my 2stone award.. had made lamb stew in slow cooker so just had to knock up some chips and Vlow syn dinner ready.. curled up to watch some TV (The Deep on bbc1) with a small glass of wine.. then at 10:15 there is a hammering on our door from a man up the road who had hears three THUGS fighthing then loud bangs.. seems these "educated sophiscticates gentlemen" decided to smash my husbands car windscreen in :( THANKfully only damage to glass.. so called poilice @ 10:20 ish.. 11:50 they turn up :( so today SW has gone to POT as i got 4hr sleep and feel like death :(
why do these "people" think they have the right to damage someone elses property? :(
I have to get back on track as am now 1/3 thru my journey .. but am so mad :(
Hi hun, sorry to hear about your eventful night, but massive well done on your 2 stone award, thats great.

Don't let being tired ruin your eating plan though, just grab quick and easy stuff like supernoodles / pasta n sauce etc. Ohh and also - congratulations on your wedding, where are the piccies?? xxx
not done this for a while.. life decided to take over... but not too bad onSW.. managed a few gains.. but nothigng too major ...
we got mucked over on a car.. so that took 3 weeks to sort and get money back.,... then had joy of buying another :p
was my b.day on monday so this weekend i have friends over and we are out for all u can eat chinese and drinks :) YUM but it is ONE evening so guna be ok :) have all my other meals planned to be syn free or low syn so saving up for sat...
Apart from that i shocked everyone the other week.,, i bought a DRESS :) yes me.. felt amazing and got compliments :) so was well happy :) and that is thanks to SW :)
Well i lost 1lb last night and that to me is amazing.
I have had the worst 4 weeks for a long time.. stress caused my depression to flare up.. and then have had to face the fact that i have to re-home my two babbies (budgies) as huby is alergic to them.... so that not help me
Then this weekend was my b.day weekend.. all u can eat chinese and drinks :) BUT i then got the best news.. we are getting a dog.. an 8 month old chihauaa jack russel mix :) so i will be starting walking everyday lol and can not wait :)
I have been very very VERY lapse with plan lately as my head has been all over the place.. well NO MORE .. apart from today i am back on track (not getting home till 10pm today so eating on the go :( but hey tis ONE day :)
I am feeling alot better and know i can do this... just need to get back so i have earnt that 2stone sticker on my book :)
well lost 1/2lb last night so was happy.. "reat" myself to some grapes.. ate too many and had a HUGe lunch so know thats why loss not as good as wanted
Went to m,y second Jive class last night :) me likes and as of monday i am starting Zumba as well.. oh and we get our dog on saturday so will be walking him every night :) so with being back on plan and kinda taking my exersize from 0 to 7 walks a week, Zumba and Jive.. my poor body is not going to know what has hit it :) but i still have 4stone to lose,,, so got to have the pain to have the loss :)
Hope everyone is ok :)

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