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Hi all - apologies for the subject, but I'm getting a bit concerned now!!

I have never been a 'regular go-er' going for a number 2 only once a day or maybe even every other day.

I'm now finding that this has reduced to once every 4 days. I'm sure this isn't normal - do you think I should see the doctor!!??

I do a mixture of red/green and EE and it doesn't really matter what plan I do.

Horrible question... thanks for even bothering to read it!!
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Hun I really don't think its anything to worry about,if your concerned them obviously go to the doctors but he will probably only give you laxatives and send u on your way. Are you on any medication that could be causing constipation?? My advice would be to make sure you are drinking enough water,and eating more fiber! Lots of wholegrain and brown/wholemeal bread/rice! I personally notice that caffiene and fruit make me go! But everyone is different hun.you could also try them fiber sachets which help make u go.a change in diet will defo cause change in bowel movements too.if your in pain or can't manage to get yourself regulated then the doctors it is xx


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As long as you're not feeling bloated or in pain it should be ok. I'm not regular either - never have been!! :)


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I eat All-Bran for breakfast and find having Scan Bran for lunch really helps


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A glass or two of warm water could help too. :sick0019:


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HAHA, I was totally thinking about posting this same question this morning!!

I'd not "been" properly since sunday and today I'd started feeling a bit sick. Had a herbal tea at half 12 and "went" at half 3. Feel loads better now :)


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Haha my body has been on a timer since I started SW. I go every Friday and Monday. That's it lol


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Like you I wouldnt be a regular, ha ha. But I find since I started sw its better. I find if I eat the same meals for days on end I am much less frequent but if I change what I eat every few days I am more regular. I notice my weight loss is slow or non existant when I am not regular. I find beans are good as are satsumas and the wholemeal bread.

I love beans on toast and would eat this for brekkie every day but I notice if I have it for more than 4/5 days in a row I tend to clog up (sorry tmi) where as if I eat it 2/3 days take a break for 2/3 days I will "go" everyday. I think the digestive system most have to work a bit harder if we are eating a larger variety of foods. Thats my "poo" theory anyway:p


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When I am on the plan I don't poo a lot and I think it is because I don't eat so much rubbish!! If I come off plan my tum does suffer. I suppose if rubbish goes on rubbish comes out!!
Julie x

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Yipeeeeeeeeeee a poo thread, we've not had one for a while.

I'd agree with the others, if you feel ok & not bloated, constipated, then nothing to worry about. Just drink plenty of water & try not too worry.

I'm sure if you do a search you'll find info on how to ease constipation. Think it was discussed early last year.


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i love a good poo thread!

i dont go much at all. Its the way it is.

If i get worried/blocked up for a long period of time (over 4 days) - 2 ducolax and its all sorted.

Dont worry - its how the SW plan affects some people.



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Ellebear said:
i love a good poo thread!

i dont go much at all. Its the way it is.

If i get worried/blocked up for a long period of time (over 4 days) - 2 ducolax and its all sorted.

Dont worry - its how the SW plan affects some people.


Hehe is it childish that I giggled at "poo thread" lol
I found over Xmas I was going a lot more but since getting back on plan I'm eating a lot less
When I got my puppy he was always going and pooing alot (I know pups do but even wen he shud have been past this) and the vet said it was because his dry food wasn't good for him and there was a lot of roughage to bulk it out which his body didn't need so it comes out as waste. Now he's on better (more expensive food!!) this has lessened. I know we aren't canines lol but I'm guessing it the same process for us as human
Poo lots - lots of waste product body wants rid
Poo less - less waste product lots of lovely things body wants to keep lol


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Activia can help get things moving / keep you regular (well, it works for me). A good strong cup of real coffee perhaps.

The other thing that affects me is time of the month. I often get constipated when I'm pre-menstrual. (Just what you need when you already feel bloated and uncomfortable anyway eh!!)


Watch out that you're not eating too much fibre (insane sounding I know) but it can also slow things down! Plenty of water helps and possibly resort to the dulcolax if no joy? Good luck! :D

(also 'poo thread' hahaha)


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Hey Vix! Love how you were all discreet in wording for your post but the title was just blatant "poo" ha ha!

They do recommend that with the eating plan you need to ensure you are drinking enough fluid to combat the fibre intake. As good as fibre is for you it will "bind you up" so to speak. I have never been a regular visitor of dropping the kids off at the pool :D and some weeks I will go twice a day and others once a week!

Good luck sweetie and may regularity be resumed shortly! Xx


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I cannot imagine what it must feel like to not do for 4 days? I go twice a day, seriously how much do you 'do' when you do go?:cry:
I have just discovered beetroot and it really works wonders, I am a veggie so probably easier for me than most as I dont have meat to clog the system. Maybe try more veggie proteins and see if it makes any diference. Simple things like using lentils instead of mince is an easy way to start.