poorly sick :(

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  1. determinator

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    Hi , this may be too much information but for about 6 days I have had a really dodgy stomach . I am on the loo every 30 mins and its totally liquid and dark green.. I also feel very sick but heave up nothing .. has anyone had this at all whilst on LT ?? I am on week 9 and so far have been bunged up so a little worried .....
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    You poor thing. If you have not been taking laxatives etc and do not know what is causing this you should go to your GP asap. Diarrhea for six days is severely dehydrating and you will be losing essential fluids and minerals. You must feel wretched. Don't delay, this is not normal for any diet, go to the doc and get it sorted. You may have a very nasty tummy bug.
  4. Cookeh

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    I can't really add anything more than what Molly has said, this is not a good sign, sounds like you have an infection or a really nasty bug. Go see the doctor as soon as possible and get better soon!
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