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Porridge help!


Happiest Girl :D
If you've made it like the instructions on the packet, it's right. It's just gross, lol. Tasted like flour & water to me.

Can you ask your CDC to swap them for you? If not I'm afraid you'll just have to get them down you. I know how you feel, I got 4 my first week.
I HATE the porridge and swapped mine after 2 days! Give your CDC a ring and see what they suggest! x

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
I swapped mine and bought a different pack to replace the porridge I chucked in the bin!


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Ooh yes. :) Toffee and walnut is quite nice too.

Or how adding a pinch of cinnamon?


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I concur it's gross!
Just shows how we all differ
I love, well maybe not quite love, but really quite like both the porridges.
I like the apple & cinnamon and original. I usually put sone sweetener in it and if sometimes use a dash of milk from my allowance. I tend to put more water in it n heat it up a little longer. The first time I made it was lumpy n horrible, it'll taste better once u adopt it I promise! Xx

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i agree im a shake and soup girl, the poridgges are horrible especially tha apple and cinamon one its sooo sweet xx

week1 = 12LBS (YAAAY)
week 2 = 3LBS (finally lost a stone)



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I struggle with the porridge a bit, the apple one is VILE. I dont mind the maple pecan as much, but I add a splish of milk and eat it quick before I decide I hate it!

try making it this way i promise its better.

i love the porridge i find that if you add 145ml of COLD water to your porridge and 1 sweetner, then mix with a hand whisk (not electric) until all lumps are gone. then put it into microwave for 2 mins to heat it up. tastes 100% better with no lumps.

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