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Porridge !!!!!

When i read this I thought what is she on about - just looked again and you are correct.
I usually have one of the quaker packets - food for thought.
Try crumpets - low fat and sugar


Go on smile! =)
Just another learning curve :) trial and error. The important thing now you know :)
I noticed this a while ago , the thing is porrige is good for you and if your not having side effects with it then surely the goodness offsets the extra fat???

I will continue to eat it for breakfast.:D
I have the Oats so Simple golden syrup porridge every single day, I don't remember what the fat content is (it's been so long since I've been having it), but I've never had any side effects with it.
The calories are pretty low compared to other breakfast cereals, and it's the only thing that fills me up for more than half an hour in the morning! :)
I hardly ever get any side effects with anything I eat (cast iron guts, I think)...but everybody's different, so best not to have it if you're being on the safe side.


Gonna do it this time

Quaker Oat So simple golden syrup packet my favourite in the morning too. To be honest I never checked the nutrition in it as I just assumed porridge was good for me and like Alex is all that will fill me up. I ran out earlier this week and have been having weetabix and banana and its higher in calories. I've never had a side effect from porridge and enjoy it so will stick with it.
yeh me to lol

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